Aug 16
Crunch and sip grants promote healthy eating

Primary & infant schools across the Western NSW and Far West NSW Local Health Districts are being encouraged to embrace healthy eating by becoming a certified Crunch & Sip school.

The Crunch & Sip program asks schools to implement a Crunch & Sip break, which allows kids to refuel with fruit, vegetables and water throughout the day.

Health Promotion Population Health Services is offering one-off grants of $400 to the first 50 schools to become a Certified Crunch & Sip school, which includes completing and returning a grant application.

“The Crunch & Sip Program is an excellent way to encourage students to establish healthy eating patterns early in life,” said Health Promotion Officer Miss Lauren Lynch.

Crunch and Sip grants are available to schools who have not received one in previous years.

“With 22.8% of children found to be overweight and obese in the 2010 NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey, and less than 50% of children eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables, Crunch & Sip is an easy way to make sure kids eat fruit, veg and drink water every day,” said Miss Lynch.

“Feedback from participating schools indicates the program is well liked by students and teachers. Teachers often report student behaviour and concentration improves, because kids get to refuel.”

Implementing Crunch & Sip does not necessarily mean students take an additional break from class. Many schools incorporate the break into the classroom whilst students are doing quiet activities such as reading.

“Last year Crunch & Sip grants were very popular with schools and we expect the same response this year. I would encourage schools to apply for a grant as soon as possible,” said Miss Lynch.

If your school is interested in implementing Crunch & Sip you can register online at the Crunch & Sip website