Dec 09
Changes to car parking at the Rylstone MPS

Following the fast-tracking of the Rylstone Multipurpose Service (MPS) redevelopment and with construction soon to commence, local residents are advised of changes to car parking at the Rylstone MPS HealthOne building.

Fences will be established around a portion of the HealthOne carpark to allow for construction works to begin. This will impact on the existing disabled parking, which will be relocated only several spaces away and will be clearly marked, and at least two other car parks.

Clients of HealthOne are encouraged to continue to park in the existing HealthOne carpark, and an allocated walkway access will be designated from the HealthOne carpark to the existing HealthOne building.

Further information on car parking will be detailed as the project progresses.

The Rylstone MPS redevelopment project involves extensions and refurbishment to several areas of the MPS, including new residential aged care rooms and dining area, refurbished acute rooms and improvements to community health.

The project is part of a $300 million NSW-wide program of works to upgrade existing or build new MPS facilities in a number of rural and remote communities.

Zauner Construction was awarded the contract and recently commenced early construction activities on-site. They were also awarded the construction works contract for the Coolah MPS redevelopment project, and will be working across both sites.

For further information about the car parking changes please contact Emily Bucknell, Health Service Manager at the Rylstone MPS, on 6357 8111.

Further information on the MPS Program is available at