Dec 15
Extra services to be offered at Panorama Clinic

Bathurst and Region Hub will be strengthened with an increase in community mental health services.

This includes Infant Child Youth and Family Mental Health and Specialist Mental Health Services for Older Persons, as well as engaging with a community managed organisation to help deliver some services in the Panorama Unit.

Additional social and emotional wellbeing services will soon be offered which supports individuals to maintain and develop social, recreational, occupational and vocational activities which are meaningful to them, with options to engage with a community managed organisation to assist the Local Health District deliver these crucial services.

Director Integrated Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Services Jason Crisp said the additional services will provide a greater focus on the principles of recovery orientated mental health practice ensuring that mental health services are delivered in a way that supports recovery which is patient centred.

“The services we are adding to Panorama Clinic will be in addition to everything currently offered, and current services will continue to operate and run in the new model," Mr Crisp said.

“The additional services will assist people suffering with mental health illness by further supporting their social and emotional wellbeing, and this will further strengthen the service as a whole by providing a more holistic approach to mental health care in Bathurst."

“All clinical and operational governance of Panorama Clinic will remain with the Western NSW Local Health District, and any community managed organisation will work with us under existing NSW Health and Local Health District frameworks."

“The Clinic will work in partnership with the community to promote recovery of people with mental illness by providing access to a structured, safe and supportive environments and by providing contemporary services and treatments."

“We are currently seeing positive results working with consumers, carers and families and other community partners within the collaborative recovery model, and we hope to further strengthen this model by working with a community managed organisation to offer additional services for consumers in need."

“Consumers, significant others and community partners are engaged in the planning and implementation of treatment in collaboration with facility staff and community services staff, and this will be further strengthened."

“Panorama Clinic is located on the grounds of Bathurst Hospital, so we are able to provide care in partnership with both clinical hospital services and the community support sector to more holistically look after our most vulnerable consumers."

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via