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COVID-19 Vaccination - Dubbo Drive Thru Booking

​Dubbo COVID-19 Vaccination Drive-Thru Booking​​s

Western NSW Local Health District is offering a drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination service, increasing the vaccination options available to the community and helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Benefits of this drive-thru service include:

  • Reduced COVID-19 transmission risk as vaccine recipients are within their vehicles

  • Reduced COVID-19 exposure for staff and others due to the open space

  • Vaccine recipients’ comfort and protection

  • Accessible to those with mobility issues.

  • Eligible household members can be vaccinated at the same time

  • Easier for parents or carers, as their dependents can safely accompany them​

Dubbo drive-thru clinic is located within the Ewen MacInnes pavilion, Dubbo showground.  Entry is via the Wingewarra / Chelmsford Street gate.

On t​​his p​​age:


​​​​Who can b​​ook?​​

No person should make a booking for the drive-thru service if they have pre-existing medical conditions that may increase likelihood of a reaction to vaccination (as per eligibility checker)

  • Drive-thru requires ​​​​​​a registered car in reasonable working condition, not towing a trailer or caravan. (Scooters, motorbikes and trucks are not suitable)

  • Up to four people in the one car may be vaccinated

  • Each person must have an appointment

  • You must be able to wind down the windows for each person

  • Vaccinations will only be given in the arm closest to the window

  • No dogs or other animals may be in the car

  • All people in the car over the age of 12 MUST wear a mask during the appointment

How to book

​To book a drive-thru vaccination appointment:

  • Enter your name and mobile number in the field below
  • Select your preferred vaccine
  • Tick the box to confirm you meet the above suitability requirements. ​

Please note - when you arrive at the drive-thru site for your appointment, staff will do a final assessment to make sure the vehicle and each person with an appointment meet the suitability requirements above.  If this is not the case the drive-thru appointment will not be available. 


  • ​​​AstraZeneca - Monday and Wednesday
  • ​Pfizer - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

What happens n​ow?​

  1. Request a booking using the form below

  2. You will be sent an SMS code & instructions

  3. Follow the instructions and proceed to book appointments for both you vaccine doses. ​

Request your unique booking code