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​​Choose your private health insurance in your local hospital!

If you have private health insurance, here is some information to help you understand what is involved when admitted to a public hospital as a privately insured patient in Western NSW Local Health District.

“When my husband had a minor accident last year we chose to use our private health fund in our local hospital. We knew that not only would we benefit personally, our hospital would also benefit. Knowing the money the hospital receives from our fund may contribute to updating equipment and staff training made us feel good!”

– Sue

​​When can I decide to be a private patient?

You can make a decision to be a private patient before, during, or after your stay in hospital.

Who can I talk to about becoming a private patient?

Your main point of contact is your hospital’s Patient Liaison Officer who is able to check your health fund coverage and advise you of your options.

Hospital Admission, Emergency Administration and Ward Clerical staff can also help with any enquiries related to private health insurance while you are in hospital, or they can put you in contact with the hospital’s Patient Liaison Officer.

COST FREE – What about excess fees?

You will not be charged any accommodation excess for any admissions with Western NSW Local Health District.

Patients are guaranteed the Health Service will waive any excess or co-payment for the costs of accommodation.

HASSLE FREE – What about bills?

With our Simplified Billing system you will not receive any bills from the hospital. All hospital generated accounts will be claimed directly with Medicare and your health fund automatically on your behalf. If you have any concerns about medical bills please contact the hospital’s Patient Liaison Officer.

In some cases, individual doctors may charge private patients gap fees. However, most specialists have arrangements with health funds to avoid patients paying any costs. For more information, please contact the hospital’s Patient Liaison Officer. You should also discuss this with your doctor.

EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS – Can I have a single room if I want one?

Private patients are given preferential access to a single room if one is available.

Most health funds cover patients for a single room in a public hospital. The hospital’s Patient Liaison Officer can check this for you.

Can I choose my doctor?

As a private patient you may choose the doctor or specialist who provides your treatment (as long as that doctor has admitting rights in the hospital).

If you do not know any of the doctors, being a private patient will still mean that the doctor or specialist will take personal responsibility for your care and may call other doctors into consultation to assist with your care.

FEEL GOOD – Where does the money from my health fund go?

Money received from health funds is retained directly by your local hospital, helping provide services to all in the community.

Your benefit becomes your community’s benefit when you use your private health insurance in your local public hospital.

If you have any questions about being a private patient, please don’t hesitate to con​tact us.

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