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Care concerns while in hospital

Care concerns while in hospital

REACH – for clinical concerns or worries​

At Western NSW Local Health District we want to ensure you get the right care, in the right place, at the right time and we have a number of support systems in place to ensure this happens.

One of these systems is called REACH. REACH is a system that you, your family or carer can use if you notice a worrying change or have serious concerns in your condition.

During your stay, if you recognise a worrying change or a serious concern in your condition or in the person you care for, speak to the nurse or doctor and tell them your concerns.

If you feel your concerns are not being heard or the condition is getter worse, then ask to speak to the Nurse in Charge and ask for a “Clinical Review”. A clinical review is an urgent medical assessment that should occur within 30 minutes.

Still wo​​rried? Make a REACH call.


Your call will be answered by a senior staff member then help will be on its way.

In our district these are the REACH phone numbers to call:

  • Bathurst Health Service – 02 6330 5308
  • Bloomfield Hospital, Orange – 02 6369 3910
  • Dubbo Health Service – 0417 083 199
  • Orange Health Service – 02 6369 3910
  • All Other Hospitals and Multipurpose Services – 1800 569 000 (this will connect you to our vCARE team)

When making a REACH call, tell the operator:

  • That you need a REACH call
  • Your name and if you are a patient, family member or carer
  • The name of the ward (or facility)
  • The bed number

Will I offend staff if I make a REACH call?

No. We want patients, family members and carers to be involved and help us create the best experience for you or the person you care for during your hospital stay.

For more information, visit the CEC REACH Consumer Information web page​

With your help, together we can be great team