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Addressing the Selection Criteria

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​Your guide to addressing the selection criteria

Your claims against the selection criteria are the most important part of your application. You need to outline your claims against the selection criteria to demonstrate to the selection committee that you have the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience to do the job. 

For each one, describe your skills, knowledge and experien​ce that relate to that criterion and show how they could be used in the job. Emphasise your major achievements. Use positive language in talking about yourself, for example “my success in my current role demonstrates my ability to do every aspect of this work, especially ….” 

Key words/phrases you may find in the Selection Criteria 

  • Demonstrated knowledge: This requires you to provide examples that show you possess this area of knowledge.
  • Demonstrated ability to: This requires you to provide examples of how you meet this criterion through your previous experience, skills development and knowledge.
  • Previous experience in: You are required to provide examples relevant to the specific experience indicated in the position description.
  • Effective, Proven, Highly Developed, or Superior: These are all asking you to show your level of achievement. Provide as much detail as you can, using examples of your achievements to illustrate your skills, knowledge and experience.


Make a separate heading for each criterion and provide examples that demonstrate your ability to meet that criterion.

If your application does not address each criterion, you reduce your chance of being short listed for interview.​​

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