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Allied Health

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Join us in Allied Health & Innovation!

Allied Health professionals provide a broad range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct health services to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses for our patients and clients.

Whilst our Allied Health workforce often practice independently, they also work in multidisciplinary teams to provide specialised, comprehensive and integrated care.

The term ‘allied’ refers to how these clinicians are aligned to each other and other members of the health workforce, their patients/clients, family members and carers and community.

Support for our Allied Health workforce is provided through regular clinical supervision and support for ongoing professional development. We have a strong performance and career development framework that supports staff in identifying and attaining career and organisational goals, and in working together effectively to provide the health services to our communities.

We value and support innovation and evidence based practice, and Allied Health professionals make a valuable contribution to improving the health of our communities and supporting the strategic priorities of our Local Health District.

The Western NSW Local Health District employs professionals across services, including:

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