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Nursing & Midwifery

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Work with us in Nursing & Midwifery

Welcome to Western NSW Local Health District Nursing & Midwifery

This page is designed  to provide you with information about nursing and midwifery recruitment in our Local Health District, and the positions we have available.

As the Area Director of Nursing & Midwifery for Western NSW Local Health District, I invite you to explore the exciting lifestyle and diverse career opportunities that await you.

We are currently looking for staff to join our workforce and help make a difference to our culturally diverse communities. We can offer a great lifestyle, travel and ongoing professional development, along with the excitement of using all your skills and experience in rural and remote health care.

I am proud of our staff and the health care we deliver to our communities. I hope this website persuades you to come and join our team of dedicated health care professionals.

Our philosophy is to work to ensure nursing and midwifery care is always provided at the highest standard, is holistic and patient-centred, and delivered by professional, educated and innovative nurses and midwives who value each other and continually strive for excellence.

Our values support this through:

  • Guiding clinical nursing and midwifery leadership and excellence

  • Workforce development

  • Accountability and responsibility

  • Healthy respect

  • Supporting nurse and midwife empowerment

I look forward to welcoming you to Western NSW Local Health District.

Exciting Opportunities Await You!

Adrian Fahy, Director Nursing & Midwifery

Key Contacts

The Nursing and Midwifery Directorate comprises a small team of committed staff:

Adrian Fahy
Director Nursing & Midwifery
Level 1, Building 3 
   Bloomfield Campus
   Or ange NSW 2800

Marg Anthony
Executive Assistant to Director of Nursing & Midwifery
Level 1, Building 3, Bloomfield Campus, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6369 7876       

Jackie Corliss
Manager Nursing & Midwifery Transition & Workforce
PO Box 143
     Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6330 5825

Cathy Whiteman
Manager Health Emergency Management Unit
PO Box 143
     Bathurst NSW 2795​
Phone: (02) 6330 5827
Mobile: 0429 035 740

Clinton Grose
Manager Nursing Policy & Practice
 29 Hawthorne St
Dubbo NSW 2830
 Phone: (02) 6809 8738
Mobile: 0436 910 4​16

​​​Sandra Wharton
Clinical Nurse Consultant Infection Prevention & Control
Building 3 
Bloomfield Campus
Locked Bag 6008, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6369 3840
Mobile: 0407 558 377

Beth Masling
Manager Living Well Together and Corporate Leadership
Level 1, Building 3
  Bloomfield Campus
  Orange NSW 2800
Phone: (02) 6369 3829
Mobile: 0437 346 872

Kylie Fearnley​
Agency Nurse Coordinator
PO Box 143
    Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: (02) 6330 5930

If you have a question for the Nursing & Midwifery Directorate please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate person listed above.

Aboriginal C​​​adetships

The NSW Aboriginal Nursing & Midwifery Cadetship Program aims to increase the number of University qualified Aboriginal Registered Nurses and Midwives across NSW. Western NSW Local Health District is actively involved in this program providing employment at local facilities and support to cadets.

What the Cade​​tship Offers

  • Study allowance of $600 per fortnight while at University
  • Employment for 12 weeks fulltime in your local hospital
  • Receive support from a Mentor, Clinical Preceptor and Program Coordinator
  • Ongoing employment once graduated


To be eligible for a cadetship, a person mu


  • Be of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • Identify as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Be enrolled full time  in a nursing or midwifery degree at an Australian University
  • Be enrolled for their first undergraduate degree course
  • Be an Australian resident

Further Information

Nursing & Midwifery Office NSW Health
 Phone: 1800 155 325

Enrolled N​​urses

Employment Opportun​ities for Enrolled Nurse


The role of the Enrolled Nurse is vital to the delivery of care across Western NSW Local Health District. Come and work in a rural setting where Enrolled Nurses are respected for their knowledge and experience and valued members of the team. The employment of Enrolled Nurses across many specialties allows the development of advanced skills and the chance to become an integral part of a team.
If you are after variety and a broad range of experiences and skill development then consider working in a Multipurpose Service (MPS). Enrolled Nurses in MPSs need to have a multitude of skills to work across a wide range of clients to meet their health needs including aged care, palliative care, wound care, and assisting in emergencies such as multi traumas and chest pain.


Medication Adm​​inistration

Western NSW Local Health District offers support for Enrolled Nurses to obtain endorsement for medication administration. This includes support with maths, assignments and study leave. All clinical practices and workplace assessments are conducted in the workplace in work time. Western Institute of TAFE conduct courses for Western NSW Local Health District throughout the area.


Ongoing ​Education

As a valued part of the team, the education needs of Enrolled Nurses are supported in the Western NSW Local Health District.

The provision of education includes Enrolled Nurse specific education and nursing education for the whole team including:
  • Support to attend education courses and conferences

  • Variety of education courses provided across the area​

Enrolled Nurse t​o Registered Nurse

If you are considering becoming a Registered Nurse, Western NSW Local Health District has a program of support in place, including career advice and assistance in applying to University.

Further Information

Jackie Corliss
Manager Nursing & Midwifery Transition and Workforce
Phone: (02) 6330 5825

International Nu​​​rse Recruitment

Western NSW Local Health District participates in the recruitment of internationally educated nurses and midwives, both through the NSW Health Panel of Overseas Recruitment Agencies (PORA) and also where nurses and midwives apply directly to our facilities.

Western NSW Local Health District will work with the selected agency presenting the nurse/midwife for recruitment, or assist the individual nurse/midwife through the application and immigration process. We are skilled and confident in all aspects of international recruitment, from helping you obtain registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, to nominations for temporary or permanent visas.

International recruitment by Western NSW Local Health District has made a key contribution to the delivery of high quality clinical services, especially in areas where recruitment is historically very difficult. This has enabled us to provide continuity in the delivery of high standards of patient care, maintain safe levels of care, retain local staff, and have a diverse workforce more reflective of the cultural background of the patients seeking care.


Further Information

Liam Dillon
Overseas Recruitment Officer
Phone: (02) 6369 8025

2021 MidS​​tart Program

The 2021 MidStart Program provides a career pathway for registered nurses to become registered midwives.  This pathway involves employment as a student midwife while studying a postgraduate midwifery diploma at university.

Dependent on the role delineation and capacity of the midwifery service, student midwives will have the opportunity to work across all areas of midwifery practice and may include:

  • Antenatal clinics
  • High risk antenatal clinics
  • Birth suite
  • Postnatal ward
  • Postnatal clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Outreach / group practice
  • Special Care Nursery​

Western NSW Local Health District offers maternity and midwifery services to women during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and early parenting at various locations around our District and include:

  • Orange
  • Bathurst
  • Dubbo
  • Mudgee
  • Parkes
  • Forbes
  • Cowra



  • )
  • ​Hold current registration as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) with the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia at the time of application


​In your application online, you will need to nominate your preferred geographical area which will be WNSWLHD.

Below are the employment preferences that will be located at WNSWLHD for the 2021 MidStart Program:

  • ​Dubbo Health Service (hospital)

  • Orange Health Service (hospital)

​Download a list of positions available for 2020 here.​ 

​To find out more about the midwifery and maternity services that we offer click here.

Choos​​​ing your University

​The process of contacting and applying for a university placement to study midwifery is your responsibility and is completely separate to the MidStart process.

Further information on post graduate student midwifery courses in NSW are available from:

Program Commencement​​ Dates

The 2021 MidStart Programs commence in January or July 2021.


Applications for the NSW Health 20201 MidStart recruitment will open 9am Wednesday 27th May 2020 and close at 4pm Wednesday 10th June 2020.​

To apply for a MidStart Program, you must submit your application through the NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery Office.​


Further Information

Alison Loudon
District Manager Maternity & Children's Strategies
Phone: (02) 6841 2375
Mobile: 0447 088 239

​Registere​d Nurses

Escape to Western NSW Local Health District

​Welcome to Western NSW Local Health District, the largest Health District in NSW. We invite you to consider joining our team at one of our many facilities.


The Western NSW Local Health District is currently looking for adventurous staff to join our unique workforce and help make a difference to our culturally diverse communities. Many opportunities exist for travel and further education. We offer programs including the Transition to Practice Program, Midwifery.

​Programs and many other great opportunities. Escape from the hectic pressures of the city and enjoy a more relaxed and tranquil environment.


Opportu​nities for Registered Nurses

There are many opportunities available throughout Western NSW Local Health District for Registered Nurses including:

  • Supported Transition to Practice Programs (Specialty Nursing & New Graduate RN/RMs)

  • Advanced and speciality nursing skills practice

  • Broad range of nursing experience

  • Basic Life Support & Advanced Life Support

  • Mental Health Course

  • Clinical Leadership Program

  • FLECC First Line Emergency Course

  • Midwifery Scholarships

  • Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

  • Immunisation Course

  • NSW College of Nursing Courses

  • Formal and Informal In-service Program

  • Other Short Courses eg. CRANA, TNCC, PHECC

  • Opportunities for career advancement including Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Nurse Practitioners and management opportunities

  • Excellent modern facilities and equipment

Further Information

Jackie Corliss
Manager Nursing & Midwifery Transition and Workforce
Phone: (02) 6330 5825

2022 GradStart Program

Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) offers transition to professional practice programs for new graduate registered nurses and midwives in our GradStart program. 

WNSWLHD boasts a diverse, passionate and professional nursing and midwifery team, committed to improving the health and wellbeing of rural and remote communities.

Our highly skilled workforce will help you build on the foundations of your university studies to support your transition from a new graduate to becoming a competent Registered Nurse or Midwife with a rewarding and exciting career.​​

What​​​’s On Offer

Our GradStart program is supported and designed to give you the opportunity to consolidate your skills, knowledge and practice through:

  • Structured orientation to the organisation and workplaces
  • Flexible, tailored programs to meet your career goals
  • Fully paid study days
  • Regular debriefing and coaching
  • Access to post graduate education programs (including Student Midwifery Program)
  • A team of dedicated staff who provide high quality support and education
  • The opportunity to acquire ward management skills in all clinical placements
  • Individualised development plans


WNSWLHD is one of the largest Local Health Districts in New South Wales covering an area of 246,676 square kilometres providing health services in a range of regional, rural and remote settings.

In your application online, you will need to nominate your preferred geographical area which will be WNSWLHD.

Below are the employment preferences that will be located at WNSWLHD for the 2022 GradStart Program:​

  • Bathurst Health Service (hospital)
  • Dubbo Health Service (hospital)
  • Orange Health Service (hospital)
  • Mental Health Bloomfield Campus
  • Sectors (see map below):
    • Central Sector - Gilgandra, Gulargambone, Peak Hill, Tullamore/Tottenham/ Trundle and Narromine
    • Southern Sector – Blayney, Grenfell, Rylstone, Mudgee, Cowra, Parkes and Forbes
    • Northern Sector – Coonamble, Lightning Ridge, Nyngan and Walgett

For further information about our District and communities, visit the Living In Our Region page.

Program Com​​mencement Dates

GradStart Programs commence in February & July 2022 for most sites, with an additional intake in October at Dubbo Hospital​. 


Applicants apply through a centralised application process. The recruitment, selection and employment of graduates is undertaken by local health districts/service networks (LHDs/SNs) and hospitals. 

Applications for the NSW Health 2022 GradStart recruitment will open on 9am Wednesday 23rd June 2021 and close at 4pm Wednesday 7th July 2021

To apply please visit the NSW Ministry of Heal​th websi​te​ recruitment page​.

For further information please refer to the 2022 GradStart Brochure​​.

Further Information

Jackie Corliss
Manager Nursing Workforce 

Phone: (02) 6330 5825

​​​Cath Ryan
District Clinical Midwife Consultant 
 Mobile: 0400 ​580 693

Elspeth Morris
Clinical Support Officer Nursing & Midwifery Transition & Workforce 
 Phone: (02) 6330 5927

Career Fact Sheets

​To find out more about Nursing Careers and link to NaMO Careers page, click her​e.

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