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The Interview Process

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Your guide to the interview process

Merit-based selection 

All appointments within our District are required to undertake a merit-based selection process; this process is facilitated by a selection panel and is made up of three steps: 

  • The selection criteria that is addressed when you first apply for the role 
  • Pending the result of your selection criteria responses, you may then be invited to attend an interview with the selection panel 
  • Following on from the interview, short-listed applicants will have Reference Checks conducted. 

Selection panel 

We use selection panels to assist with the merit based selection decision making process. The panel will generally consist of three members who have specific roles: 

  • The Convenor, which is responsible for running the interview. All convenors within the Western NSW Local Health District have undertaken specific training to ensure they meet the requirements of NSW Health recruitment policies and requirements. 
  • The Job Specialist, who has an in-depth knowledge of the position and its requirement, they will also be more senior to the position that is being interviewed.
  • The Independent, for which the outcome of the interview will have no bearing, there role is to ensure that there is no bias in the selection process and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements are followed.


An interview is the opportunity for you to have a conversation with the selection panel about the role, the expectations associated with it and how you will be able to address them.  

Prior to attending the interview, you will be given at least three days’ notice; this time should be used researching the role and the organisation. All positions in the Western NSW Local Health District will be advertised with a copy of the position description for the role, as well as information on the roles Work Health and Safety Responsibilities and the NSW Health Information for Applicants

All selection panels within Western NSW Local Health District have the same goal, and that is ensuring the applicant appointed to each position is the most suitable. As such, they may prompt you to provide clarification on your answers, to ensure they have a complete understanding on what you can bring to the role. You should also take the opportunity to ask for clarification on any questions that you are asked as well as asking any questions of the panel that you may have. 

If you are offered an interview and require special arrangements, please let the Convenor know so that any appropriate adjustments can be made.   

Interview outcome 

All applicants for positons within Western NSW Local Health District are entitled to know the outcome of their interview in writing. There are generally three different outcomes that can occur: 

  • You are made the preferred applicant for the position. You will then be required to undertake the pre-employment checks process prior to your appointment to the position. The selection panel Convenor will assist you with this process.
  • You are made eligible for the position. Western NSW Local Health District makes use of eligibility lists. If you are placed on an eligibility list it means you can potentially be placed against any similar positions that become vacant within the next twelve months. If a suitable position becomes vacant, the Convenor will discuss this with you in more detail.
  • You are made unsuccessful for the position. All applicants to jobs in Western NSW Local Health District are entitled to feedback. This is an opportunity to have a discussion with the Convenor regarding your application and identify areas for improvement to assist with future applications. 

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