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Community Health in Canowindra and Eugowra – playing a key role in prevention and out-of-hospital care

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  • Community Health in Canowindra and Eugowra – playing a key role in prevention and out-of-hospital care

02 September 2022

Community Health is an integral part of Canowindra and Eugowra Health Services.

Canowindra Community Health Manager, Ash Wright, said “Community Health supports patients in the community and promotes healthy living. It provides a range of primary and community-based health services, including speech pathology, physiotherapy, fitness rehabilitation, social work, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, community nursing and child and family health”.

Community Health Services play a key role in preventing disease and keeping people out of hospital.

“We would like to welcome our new clinicians and support staff who have joined our Canowindra and Eugowra teams. Together we are committed to improving the health of our local community”.

“Our health services are free and very accessible. No Doctor’s referral is necessary, but we do work closely with the Doctors to give our patients and clients the best treatment. We also conduct regular education programs and activities which help to prevent chronic illness and disease”.

Outreach services also visit Canowindra Community Health on a regular basis, including mental health, drug and alcohol services, audiometry, women’s health and sexual health clinics.

“These outreach services mean people don’t have to travel out of Canowindra. Community Nurses also visit Cargo and Gooloogong on a weekly basis, which enables people to be followed up in their own home.”

Ash is a strong supporter of Ambulatory Care and avoiding admissions into hospital wherever possible.

“Ambulatory Care is where people can come to the hospital for planned treatment in situations where they don’t need to be admitted. This can include such things as dressings, IV antibiotics and suture removal”.

The community health centre also has a daily nursing clinic, and the Hospital works closely with the Community Health Centre and each patient to determine what is best for their optimal care.

“If we can provide appropriate medical care and treatment in one of our clinics, in a day clinic at the hospital, or out in the community, our hospital beds remain available for more serious conditions and the patient or client also benefits by being able to stay at home”

“I encourage people to access our services and programs and get to know our wonderful Community Health team”. Ash said.


Team Canowindra Community Health

L-R: Bianca Lyons (Speech Pathologist); Rebecca Yates (Child & Family Health); Ashley Wright (Manager); Kylie Pull (Administration); Ann Jones (Community Nurse); Jennifer Townsend (Social Worker); Donna Beath (Allied Health Assistant); Angela Ellis (Physio Assistant); Danni Messina (Physiotherapist – Canowindra); Jenny Stephens (Community Nurse); Liz Mitchell (Community Nurse – Eugowra); Raelene Warn (Occupational Therapist); Courtney Pearce (Dietitian)