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Orange Hospital Unveils State Of The Art Imaging Equipment

15 December 2021

​Cardiology patients at Orange Hospital will reap the benefits of Orange Hospital’s state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine, which was unveiled on Wednesday 15 December.

The purchase of the new machine was made possible by donations from Cadia Valley Operations ($102,000) and the Orange Hospital Auxiliary ($50,000), and it was installed in the facility’s Cardiac Cath Lab on 9 December.

An OCT machine uses infrared light to provide high-definition images of an artery to help determine the severity of coronary disease characteristics and provide accurate measurements to help guide and analyse stent selection, placement and deployment.

Catherine Nowlan, Orange Health Service General Manager, said, “This is the first time Orange Hospital has owned its own OCT machine, previously we had been utilising a loan machine.

“We are incredibly grateful to both Cadia Valley Operations and the Orange Hospital Auxiliary for their generous donations, which have made this possible. Having this technology as a permanent fixture in our Cardiac Cath Lab will help us ensure patients’ treatment remains world-class.”

Dr Alex Elder, Interventional Cardiologist at Orange Hospital, said “The OCT machine allows us to optimise both stent results and the treatment for patients here at Orange Hospital, who have suffered a heart attack.

“After we’ve unblocked the artery with a balloon and stent, we can run the OCT catheter through that to study how the stent has been deployed. It will make a huge difference to the people of Orange and the Western Region, as we are the referral centre for the entire area.”

Melissa O’Brien, Cadia Valley Operations Acting Social Performance Superintendent, said, “We’ve been supporting NSW Health in the Western region for about 20 years and each year we try to support the Orange Health Service wherever possible.

“The Auxiliary put in all the hard work in raising part of the funds for the new OCT machine and came to use with a proposal to fund the remainder. We were glad to be able to donate $102,000 to help make this possible.

“Each year we run a community partnership program and Health is one of the really strong pillars we support, particularly Orange Health Service given a large number of our workforce reside in Orange.”

Jenny Butler, Orange Hospital Auxiliary Vice-President, said, “It’s wonderful because we are totally volunteer-based and our aim is to raise money for exactly this kind of technology.

“Our contribution started this ball rolling and Cadia Valley Operations took over from there. To see this type of machine installed makes all our effort worthwhile.”​