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Recognising Western NSW’s Allied Health heroes

14 October 2022

This International Allied Health Professions Day, Western NSW Local Health District is celebrating the exceptional work of our valued allied health workforce.

One of many Western NSW patients to benefit from the skills and dedication of allied health professionals is 35-year-old Bathurst resident, Josie Magnay.

In 2021, Josie was diagnosed with necrotising pancreatitis. For Josie, this meant eight-and-a half months in hospital and 11 operations.

As a result, Josie had to learn how to walk, talk and eat again.

Following discharge from hospital, the Program for Outpatient Rehabilitation (ProRehab) team at Bathurst reached out to offer help and support to continue Josie’s recovery journey.

Bathurst Health Service General Manager Cathy Marshall said ProRehab is based out of the Bathurst Hospital and is a rehabilitation service in an outpatient and/or home-based setting for up to six weeks.

“The ProRehab service is a wonderful example of how we have adapted our services to suit the needs of our community, enabling patients to go home but still receive the help and support they need on their recovery journey,” Ms Marshall said.

“Due to Josie’s significant challenges, she needed the support of a variety of specialists, which ProRehab offers through its team of rehabilitation Physicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologist, Dietitians and Social Workers and administration.

“I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work all of our Allied Health staff do for our patients every day, especially today on International Allied Health Professions Day today.”

Josie praised the support she was offered by the program.

“The ProRehab program has been excellent at getting me functional again and back to living my life: grocery shopping, cooking, eating nutritious food, keeping my fluids up, talking, and so much more,” Josie said.

“I couldn’t have afforded this level of care in the community, which I definitely needed. Thanks to the support of the service, I’ve even been able to get back to work as a teacher.”

So far around 80 patients with a variety of different needs have gone through the program since it started in 2021.

Bathurst ProRehab

Bathurst Prorehab team members and patient Josie