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We have new incentives for you to join our rural and remote facilities!

These incentives are available for some RN, EEN, Health and Security Assistant and Allied Health positions.  There are no incentivised positions for Assistants in Nursing (AINS).

For the current list of positions that qualify for incentives please visit our jobs board here.

How do the incentives work?

Meet Julie, a RN who we will use as an example.  Julie took advantage of the incentives working rural & remote and stayed for 3 years. She really loved the community she worked in, the skills she gained and the money she saved!

Western NSW Incentives

  • Accommodation support
  • $10K sign on  + $10K each year
  • $6K per year Aged Care bonus
  • Stayed 3 years
  • Exposed to all facets of hospital care  – ED, ward, aged care
  • Certified in Triage | FLECC | ALS
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Lower cost of living
  • Saved house deposit


What are the new incentives?

Apply for a specific RN, EEN, Heath & Security Assistant or Allied Health role in select remote NSW locations and you could receive:

  • $5/10k sign on bonus (amount depends on position and location)
  • $5/10K retention annual bonus (as above)
  • $6K aged care incentive annually for RNs in aged care facilities
  • Up to $20K off you HECs debt for Allied Health professionals
  • An option to transfer to your choice of NSW hospital after 3 years service (negotiated individually)
  • Relocation benefits eg moving costs, family travel assistance
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Additional leave for professional development

What positions/locations are available?

Positions and locations receiving incentives are subject to certain criteria that can change over time.  AINs do not currently qualify for incentivised positions. To see an up to date list of the positions attracting incentives please visit Our jobs portal

How do I know it is an incentivised role?

‘Incentives Offered’ will be clearly displayed in the advertisement

How does the priority transfer work?

You have the right of return to a substantive position or to another preferred location after 3 years of service. It’s like what the police and teachers have had….. forever! We just need to get it all signed off by the ministry before you accept your position with us.

How long do I have to stay?

We would love you to stay for three years – as this will solidify your training and look great on your resume, however we don’t want to miss out on your expertise.  We ask that you stay for a minimum of 18 months, that way you’ll get access to a retention bonus of $5/10K too!  If you leave before 18 months you will have to pay back a component of your $10k sign on bonus.

Do existing staff receive incentives too?

Absolutely.  If your role is deemed hard to fill then you will also receive the retention bonus according to your facilities remoteness.  If you are not receiving this please talk to your manager.

How do I get started?

Select the position that interests you on our jobs portal and apply.

Further Questions?

Please send any further questions through to us: wnswlhd-incentives@health.nsw.gov.au or phone Brooke Stewart on 02 6369 8193 8:30am-4:30 pm Monday/Tuesday.  Thank you!

How do the incentives work?

Meet Trent, a physio we are using as an example.  Trent took advantage of the incentives working rural & remote for allied health and stayed for 4 years. He loved the variety of work, the support he received and the skills he developed to help his patients. Oh and the reduction in HECs was great too!

Western NSW Incentives:

  • A pre-sign up visit to the town
  • $10K start + $10K each year
  • Stayed 4 years
  • Paid $20000 off HECS debt
  • Extra 5 days of leave pa
  • Extra 6 days of CPD pa
  • 3 hours/week CPD, mentoring & clinical supervision
  • Saved a house deposit
  • Got job in dream NSW location