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Nursing / Midwifery

Join us in Nursing & Midwifery

We are always looking for nurses to join our workforce and help make a difference to our culturally diverse communities. We can offer a great lifestyle, travel and ongoing professional development, along with the excitement of using all your skills and experience in rural and remote health care.

Our philosophy is to work to ensure nursing and midwifery care is always provided at the highest standard, is holistic and patient-centred, and delivered by professional, educated and innovative nurses and midwives who value each other and continually strive for excellence.

There are many opportunities and pathways to join our team including:

Enrolled N​​urses

Our Enrolled Nurses are respected for their knowledge and experience and are valued members of the team. The employment of Enrolled Nurses across many specialties allows the development of advanced skills and the chance to become an integral part of a team.

If you are after variety and a broad range of experiences and skill development then consider working in a Multipurpose Service (MPS). Enrolled Nurses in MPSs need to have a multitude of skills to work across a wide range of clients to meet their health needs including aged care, palliative care, wound care, and assisting in emergencies such as multi traumas and chest pain.

Opportunities for Enrolled Nurses

Enrolled nurse specific education for the whole team including support to attend education courses and conferences and a variety of education courses with our Clinical Nurse Educator team

Enrolled Nurse t​o Registered Nurse

If you are considering becoming a Registered Nurse, we have various supports and scholarship opportunities available to assist with your transition.



Registered Nurses

We are currently looking for adventurous staff to join our unique workforce and help make a difference to our culturally diverse communities. Many opportunities exist for travel and further education. We offer programs including the transition to practice program, Midwifery programs and many other great opportunities.

Escape from the hectic pressures of the city and enjoy a more relaxed and tranquil environment.

Opportu​nities for Registered Nurses

  • Advanced and speciality nursing skills practice
  • B​road range of nursing experience
  • Basic Life Support & Advanced Life Support
  • Mental Health Course
  • Clinical Leadership Program
  • FLECC First Line Emergency Course
  • Midwifery Scholarships
  • Nurse Practitioner Scholarships


  • Immunisation Course
  • NSW College of Nursing Courses
  • Formal and Informal In-service Program
  • Rural Generalist Nursing Program
  • Other Short Courses e.g. CRANA, TNCC, PHECC
  • Opportunities for career advancement including Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Nurse Practitioners and management opportunities


GradStart – Transition to Professional Practice

We offer transition to professional practice programs for new graduate registered nurses and midwives in our GradStart program. We boast a diverse, passionate and professional nursing and midwifery team, committed to improving the health and wellbeing of rural and remote communities. Our highly skilled workforce who will help you build on the foundations of your university studies to support your transition from a new graduate to becoming a competent Registered Nurse or Midwife with a rewarding and exciting career.​

  • Structured orientation to the organisation and workplaces
  • Flexible, tailored programs to meet your career goals
  • Fully paid study days
  • Regular debriefing and coaching
  • Access to post graduate education programs (including Student Midwifery Program)
  • A team of dedicated staff who provide high quality support and education
  • The opportunity to acquire ward management skills in all clinical placements
  • Individualised development plans



Gradstart Nurses in Dubbo talk about their experience

WNSWLHD - Gradstart Program

Gradstart applications open late June and close early July.  For more information see our Gradstart Info Kit and NSW Health’s Gradstart Information. In our district your contact is Jackie Corliss, Manager Nursing Workforce jackie.corliss@health.nsw.gov.au​   (02) 6330 5825


Our LHD has a broad range of opportunities for midwives from a level 4 multi-model maternity service to smaller sites where you really get to experience the journey with your clients.  Experience antenatal care, midwifery group practice, community midwifery and outreach. Several facilities can manage complex pregnancies – so you will experience and manage a broad range of pregnancy presentations.

Due to the depth of our maternity services, our LHD is a fantastic place to grow your midwifery career, with many opportunities not available in metro.  Wherever you are placed within our LHD, you will be very well connected within the maternity service as a whole, with support from our Clinical Midwife Specialists, Clinical Midwife Educators, Clinical Midwife Consultants as well as your colleagues.

Our midwife team has low turnover, are young-ish, vibrant and supportive of each other. Continuing education and possible exchange with tertiary facilities, with a focus on tertiary evidence based education is all part of the offer.

Check out our Midwifery Group Practice candidate information kit.

Add this to the lifestyle and economic benefits of regional and rural living, you’ve got a great opportunity to live your best life!

If this sounds like you, please apply!


MidS​​tart – Transition to Midwifery​

Every day 10 babies are born in our District. The MidStart Program provides a career pathway for registered nurses to become registered midwives.  This pathway involves employment as a student midwife while studying a postgraduate midwifery diploma at university. Dependent on the role delineation and capacity of the midwifery service, student midwives will have the opportunity to work across all areas of midwifery practice and may include:

  • Antenatal clinics
  • High risk antenatal clinics
  • Birth suite
  • Postnatal ward
  • Postnatal clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Outreach / group practice
  • Special Care Nursery

WNSWLHD - Midstart Program

Applications for  MidStart open late May and close early June.  For more information and to apply go to the NSW Health Midstart recruitment page.  In our district your contact is Alison Loudon, District Manager Maternity & Children’s Strategies  alison.loudon@health.nsw.gov.au  (02) 6841 2375  0447 088 239


Internationally Qualified Registered Nurses

We are always interested in receiving expressions of interest from experienced overseas nurses who qualify to gain registration with AHPRA.

We are particularly interested in nurses who have tirage training and ED experience.  Our district provides sponsorship for your VISA and a contribution towards your moving expenses and setting up your new home.  Before getting in touch we encourage you to start your registration process with AHPRA.  You can find out more about becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia here:

Nursing in Australia in 3 steps

AHPRA registration for nurses

ILETS – Migration for nurses.

VISAs – Subclass 482

If you are ready to express your interest, please send your resume and AHPRA registration number through to wnswlhd-recruitment@health.nsw.gov.au.  Thank you.

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WNSWLHD Gradstart

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