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Cobar Health Service

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33 Woodiwiss Ave,
Cobar NSW 2835

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Visiting Hours: 8:30am – 4:45pm
(Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays)

Cobar Health Service’s $30M upgrade was completed in 2020, encompassing Cobar Health Service, staff accommodation and the Liliane Brady Aged Care village.

Cobar Health Service houses 10 acute/ subacute beds, 24 hour emergency care; rehabilitation, respite and palliative care, renal dialysis a range of primary and community health care services, community and

Community Health – wound management, child and family health. Cobar Health Service also provides RVAC (Rural Virtual Assisted Chemotherapy), HiTH (Hospital in the Home), has an Occupational Therapist on staff, provides cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and virtual physiotherapy clinics for outpatients.

Specialist medical and Allied Health services visit as part of an outreach service from Dubbo and Orange.

Cobar’s nurses are highly trained and have the highest number of FLECC (First Line Emergency Care) RN’s in the district, with 90% of RN’s holding this qualification.

Cobar has a supportive management team who mentor and empower new staff to strive for excellence and provide a supportive pathway to further education in Rural Generalist and Emergency Nursing.

If you are considering forging a fast-track career with a speciality in ED, please download the Nurse Candidate Information Kit for Cobar.

Town name: Cobar

Population: 3,990 (2016)

MM#: 6

Experience the deep history, fascinating museums and ancient Aboriginal rock art in rugged and beautiful Cobar Shire.

Cobar Shire is situated in the centre of New South Wales at the crossroads of the Barrier Highway and the Kidman Way and has excellent road, rail and air links to most of Australia’s capital cities. With an area of 45,609 square kilometres, the Shire is approximately two-thirds the size of Tasmania.  It is home to approximately 4,647 people.

The Shire’s prosperity is built around the thriving mining – copper, lead, silver, zinc, gold – and pastoral industries, which are strongly supported by a wide range of attractions and activities, that make it a major tourist destination.

There is no doubting copper is a part of Cobar’s soul. Cobar is synonymous with mining, but its far more than just a mining town. It’s a town of tough characters with hearts of gold, a town with a history of overcoming the adversities of distance, drought and downturn.  And it’s this isolation and shared experience that brings the community together – Cobar is at its strongest as a collective and it’s best features show when times are tough.

Ask a local about what makes Cobar great and the answer is always the same – it’s the people. When times are tough, it’s said that anyone in Cobar would give you the shirt off their back – blow in or born here, it doesn’t matter.

Whether its honouring fallen heroes on Anzac day, fundraising for someone fallen on hard times, preserving Cobar’s proud heritage or marking occasions – the community shows its solidarity through generosity and participation.

Cobar is also especially proud of it sporting identity, punching well above its weight in many sporting arenas and produced a fair share of sporting success stories.

Cobar has plenty of talented musicians artists, dancers, performers, poets and writers who have found a way to nurture and share their creative pursuits and encourage other along the way – and there has been plenty of industry and community support to limit the gap between performance arts out here and those in Sydney.

Indeed there is an enviable events calendar from Bush races, to agricultural shows, festival of the miners ghost to the Christmas street parade.  Life is not what you would call dull, in Cobar.