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Goodooga Multipurpose Service

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58 Hammond St,
Goodooga, NSW, 2838

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Visiting Hours: Please phone Goodooga MPS for current visiting hours prior to arrival

Goodooga Multipurpose Service (MPS) is a walk in health clinic operating 5 days a week. It is open from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm weekdays.

Services include assessment and provision of initial first aid to people presenting. Care will be continued until an ambulance arrives if necessary.


Town overview

Town name: Goodooga

Population: 247 (2016)

MM#: 7

Goodooga is a very small rural town 80 kms north west of Lightning Ridge and is located on the Bokhara River. It lies 20 kms south of the Queensland border.

Goodooga is rich in local history and is also known to be one of the former hideouts of the legendary bush ranger Captain Thunderbolt.

Goodooga was known in the past as the most boring town in Australia, until the local bowling club team competed in the state pennants bowling competition. It was a shock to the locals when the bowlers from Goodooga actually won the state title. History was made but to this day people are still asking “Where the hell is Goodooga?”

Services Available: ​​​​​​​

  • School
  • Post Office/General Store
  • Bowling Club
  • Telegraph Hotel Motel
  • There is no fuel supply or supermarket in Goodooga​​​​​​​