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Lightning Ridge Multipurpose Service

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23 Pandora Street,
Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

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Visiting Hours: Please phone Lightning Ridge MPS for current visiting hours prior to arrival.

Lightning Ridge Multipurpose Service (MPS) is a modern hospital with a wide range of services to provide continuity of care to meet the health care needs within the community.

The Lightning Ridge MPS integrates a range of health services, including acute care, subacute care (including respite and palliative care), emergency, Residential Aged Care, mental health, drug and alcohol counselling, primary health, community services along with many other services including an on 24 hour on call general practitioner

The recently upgraded facility provides a range of integrated services which will particularly benefit residents who are ageing or who are living with chronic conditions. The new building provides much needed space and amenities for community health, Far West Medicare local clinicians, visiting specialist and allied health services. The MPS could also provide a venue for new services or activities to support health and wellbeing.

Featuring local artwork in the hospital surrounds and new building the facility forges a strong cultural connection between the hospital and the local community.

Town name: Lightning Ridge

Population: 2,284 (2016)

MMM#: 6

The name ‘Lightning Ridge’ is synonymous with the glittering black opals that have made the area famous worldwide. Known to be the only place in Australia, and one of the few places in the world, where the highly prized black opal, a gem prized not only because of its rarity but because of its beauty, is found.

There is nowhere in Australia quite like Lightning Ridge. As a town it is the most bizarre, and compelling combination of rural sophistication (the main street is sealed, curbed and guttered and has rows of regular shops – and there is a lot of money around) and the wildly eccentric.

Lightning Ridge is unlike the other major opal centres – Coober Pedy, Andamooka, White Cliffs – as it is more accessible and consequently it attracts over 80,000 tourists, visitors and itinerants each year.

There are a number of good quality motels, a rich array of souvenir and gift shops, some good restaurants, and a veneer of civilisation designed to meet the needs of visitors and fossickers who come for the winter months and spend their time digging for opals.

Yet there is so much more of value to discover in this area, which offers the priceless benefits of a peaceful environment and stress-free living.

The Lightning Ridge and Walgett area embraces friendly communities while many sporting and recreational pursuits are on offer. Home to some 30 plus different nationalities, it is a culturally rich and diverse place to live and work.

If you’d like to relocate to an area where the cost of living is affordable, this is the spot for you. Housing prices in the area range from $300,000 to $400,000 for a three/four bedroom home while the average rental three-bedroom home ranges from $300 -$400per week.

Schools in the area are dedicated to the delivery of quality learning and play a key role in the local community.

Lightning Ridge is 700Km from Sydney which is approximately 8.5 hours drive.  A daily train/coach service to Sydney is available from nearby town Walgett.

You can fly out of Lightning Ridge twice a week to Dubbo and connect with direct flights to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Dubbo is just under 4 hours drive away.

If you are considering moving to Lightning Ridge for a career with Western NSW Local Health District, please view the Nurse Candidate Information Kit for Lightning Ridge