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Lightning Ridge Multipurpose Service

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23 Pandora Street,
Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

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Visiting Hours: Please phone Lightning Ridge MPS for current visiting hours prior to arrival.

Lightning Ridge Multipurpose Service (MPS) offers continuity of care and a balanced mix of services appropriate to meeting local health care needs within the community. The Lightning Ridge MPS integrates a range of health services, including acute care, subacute care (including respite and palliative care), emergency, Residential Aged Care, mental health, drug and alcohol counselling, primary health, community services along with many other services.

Town overview

Town name: Lightning Ridge

Population: 2,284 (2016)

MM#: 6

Lightning Ridge is an opal mining town which attracts many tourists, the town population is greatly boosted by tourists during the cooler months of the year. It is approximately 780kms from Sydney and Brisbane. It services multiple rural properties throughout the north-west of the Walgett Shire. .

Lightning Ridge township has a Central School, post office, bank, supermarket, butcher, baker, pharmacy, bowling club and other retail outlets. The township is home to the national gem stone – ‘Opal’ which is found in the surrounding opal fields in the form of ‘Nobbies’. It also boasts the hot artesian bore baths, John Murray Art Gallery and Bevans Cactus Nursery among other extraordinary tourist attractions.