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Tottenham Multipurpose Service

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10 Moodana Street,
Tottenham NSW 2873

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Visiting Hours: Please phone Tottenham MPS for current visiting hours prior to arrival

Tottenham is 150 km from Dubbo, Central West NSW. The Tottenham Multipurpose Service (MPS) has 2 Emergency Department Beds, 4 Acute Care Beds & 6 Residential Aged Care beds providing nursing home and respite services for the community.

A General Practitioner has clinics 3 days per week in Tottenham on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Emergency presentations are covered by the Remote Medical Consult Service (RMCS) or the Critical Care Advisory Service (CCAS) on each other day. NSW Ambulance cover Tottenham MPS. Tottenham MPS also has many other services available.

Town overview

Town name: Tottenham

Population: 453 (2016)

MM#: 6

Tottenham sits in the centre of NSW and predominantly grows crops such as wheat, barley and oats along with producing wool, lamb and beef. The township has many services including a café, post office, supermarket, fuel station, Central School, preschool, rural trading, mechanical repairs, hotel and Bowling Club.