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Walgett Multipurpose Service

Facility details

141 Fox Street,
Walgett NSW 2832

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Visiting Hours: Please phone Walgett MPS for current visiting hours prior to arrival.

Walgett Multipurpose Service (MPS) has an Emergency Department with 2 beds, 16 Acute Care Beds, 8 Residential Care, 4 Haemodialysis Chairs (8 clients) and Palliative Care.

The Community Health Services available include:

  • Aboriginal Health
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Child and Family Health,
  • Dementia Advisory Services
  • Integrated Care
  • Mental Health
  • Woman’s Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Physiotherapist

Also, within the facility there is a Pathology Department, NSW Ambulance Service, Rural and Remote Dr’s Surgery and Radiology Department.  These are separate entities to the facility, however we all work together to ensure our community has the best health care available.

Walgett also has visiting specialists utilise our facility including Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, General Surgeon, Nephrology Clinic, Respiratory Physician, Oncologist, Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Hearing Specialist and Chiropractor throughout the year.

Our facility prides itself on having a safe, professional and nurturing environment with the focus being on providing the best services and opportunities not just to the community but within our team as well.

Town overview

Town name: Walgett

Population: 1,788 (2016)

MM#: 6

Walgett is an Aboriginal word for the, ‘Meeting Place of Two Rivers,’ and is situated by the Namoi River near its junction with the Barwon River in the north west of NSW. Walgett is an agricultural town and is part of the third largest shire in NSW. Production of wool, beef, lamb, cotton and a variety of grains are Walgett’s main source of income. Its riverside location makes it a good spot for fishing and water sport activities which many of the locals fully utilise.

There is a local IGA and butcher that provide the majority of groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables. They are situated in the main street which is approximately 1.5km from the Health Service. The town also has a chemist, Chinese restaurant, hairdresser, newsagency, beauty salon, library, post office, cafes, electrical store and various gift stores.

Walgett Shire provides functions including, races, shows and activities happening throughout the year which are well advertised in advance. There is also numerous sports on offer in the community including athletics, cricket, football (union and league), tennis, netball, squash, 18 hole golf course, swimming pool, shooting and lawn bowls. If sport is not your thing, there are many opal fields, galleries and other tourist sites to explore.

For nightlife there are two clubs, both situated in the main street. There is an RSL Club and Sporting Club. Both offer meals and various forms of entertainment.

Transport includes a bus service to Dubbo daily and also Moree to Walgett and return, 3 days a week. The bus service is run by Country Link and can be booked at the local newsagency. There is also a commercial flight with Airlink from Dubbo to Walgett return 3 days a week.