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Aboriginal Career Opportunities

Aboriginal Career Opportunities

Come and be a part of our team

If you have a genuine interest in caring for others, good communication skills, patience and a high degree of motivation you might like to consider a career in health.

There are many health pathways to choose from to get you into the health profession you have always dreamed about, be it as a dentist, a doctor, a nurse, in administration or as an allied health worker.  WNSWLHD offers:

  • Opportunities to become an Aboriginal Health Worker.
  • Traineeships in a broad range of roles including health and administration, which allow you to work or go to school and study at TAFE at the same time
  • Cadetships  in nursing, midwifery and allied health and allow you to study at university while working full-time in paid employment with NSW Health
  • A range of scholarship options are available to support you financially as you train at university to become a health professional

Who can assist you with your application?

Contact our team below or visit the really useful online resource Stepping Up – specifically designed to support Aboriginal people interested in a career in health – to start their health journey.

Paul Elbourne – Manager Aboriginal Workforce
Ph. (02) 6349 1774
E. paul.elbourne@health.nsw.gov.au

Sarah Trudgett – A/Manager Aboriginal Workforce
Mob: 0439 224 882
E. sarah.trudgett@health.nsw.gov.au

Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Health Practitioners work with communities, families, and individuals of all ages. They work autonomously and in teams with other health professionals, including medical doctors, registered nurses and midwives, dentists, psychologists, allied health professionals; and with policy makers, educators and researchers.

Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners provide a range of health services which may include:

  • Clinical services such as:
    – physical health and social emotional wellbeing
    – health promotion (e.g. tobacco, healthy eating)
    – providing health care in line with care plans
    – supporting clients in self-management, including the safe use of traditional and Western medications
  • Advocating for clients, including interpreting and translating language
  • Providing advice, support and training on culturally-safe health services to other professionals
  • Management activities, such as: staff supervision and mentoring, business and financial management and quality improvement
  • Education and training of Health Workers and other health professionals.

Aboriginal Traineeships

We offer a broad range of traineeships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for both those at school and for adults wanting to gain a qualifications.  All our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships are co-ordinated and supported by Jarrad Smith (02) 6369 8969.

We offer traineeships in Nursing, Allied Health, Dental Assisting, Aged Care, Administration, HR and Finance.  With each traineeship you work towards a Certificate 3 or Certificate 4 qualification. School based applications are taken from late July for the following year and we welcome adult trainees to get in touch at any time with their career goals and we will see how we can support you with a traineeship positions.

School-based traineeships (year 11 & 12) have 100 days of on the job training, which means one day a week during term and also one day a week in 50% of your school holidays.  You’ll have two periods a week to study, with all courses available on line.  This traineeship will count towards your overall HSC mark.

Adult trainees stay with us for 12 – 24 months as you work towards and industry recognised certificate level national qualification while working and gaining relevant experience in a paid role.  We offer both full and part time traineeships.

Throughout the training program, trainees will be given support to consider, explore and prepare for their next study or career opportunity, including applications for advertised roles within the District.

For more information please contact:

Contact – Jarrad Smith – Aboriginal Traineeship Coordinator
Ph. (02) 6369 8969
E. jarrad.smith@health.nsw.gov.au

Nursing and Midwifery

A career in this field means that no two days are ever the same. They’re exciting, and offer a range of areas in which to specialise. Better still, each day that passes presents the opportunity to develop new skills, take on further responsibilities and build your career.

Nursing & Midwifery Scholarships for Aboriginal People

There are several scholarships on offer for Aboriginal people that are interested in pursuing or continuing their career in nursing & midwifery. These include:

More information on Nursing and Midwifery.

Aboriginal Nursing & Midwifery Cadetship Program

For Aboriginal people wanting to study nursing or midwifery at university or for those currently studying in these areas at university, you may like to consider applying for the NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program.

The cadetship offers: a study allowance of $600 a fortnight, up to 12 weeks of full-time employment in your local hospital, support from an Aboriginal mentor and possible on-going employment with NSW Health upon completion of the program.

You can download the flyer on the NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program here: