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Internationally Qualified

Qualified outside of Australia?

Our District prides itself in diversity and places great value on our overseas trained staff and their contribution to our service, and consequently we have many communities of international cultures within our district.

We are always interested in receiving expressions of interest from overseas Medical and Nursing/Midwifery professionals who are registered or close to completing the AHPRA registration process and have an IELTS score 7 or over.

In certain positions we offer $10,000 to assist in your relocation and set up of your new home, and an additional $10,000 every year you stay, on top of your award wage.  We can also sponsor 186 DE PR visa as well as provide accommodation for a few months to get you started, if you have the required skills to work in one of our smaller Multipurpose Service sites.

We also have visa pathways that can lead to permanent residency for internationally qualified Nurses and Doctors aged of 45 – 52.  If you are more mature and experienced than 52 – still talk to us and we can make a special application on your behalf.

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Meet the Requirements?

If you meet the requirements above, please send your resume through to: wnswlhd-recruit-marketing@health.nsw.gov.au

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I become a nurse in Australia when I am trained overseas?

A quick overview of how to become a nurse in Australia when you are overseas trained.


What is AHPRA and how do I register?

Useful page from AHPRA that helps you with the AHPRA registration process.


Do I need IELTS or another English test?

To work for our district you do need achieve a score of over 70% in IELTS

There are other English proficiency tests that we may accept.  Please ask upon application.

What VISA’s do you offer?

We sponsor the 482 Mid stream VISA.  We support our existing team when seeking permanent residency after they have spent three years working with us on the 482 visa to transition to PR.  Certain positions offer 186 DE PR VISA.

I am over 45 – can I still come to Australia and gain Permanent Residency?

Yes! We love experience! Our region has a DAMA agreement with the Australian Government to employ candidates up to 51 years of age on the 482 Mid stream VISA, with a transition pathway to Permanent Residency after 3 years.

I had to complete a tertiary qualification in Australia to gain AHPRA registration.  Will my previous service be recognised?

Unfortunately not.  If you have had to complete new/additional tertiary qualifications in order to gain AHPRA, the experience you gain after AHPRA registration will count towards your pay grade, not experience prior to AHPRA.