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Have Your Say

Our committment to consultation​​​

Our Health District is committed to providing formal and informal ways for community members to have the opportunity to:​

  • Have positive and effective input into health service delivery by contributing to the consumer and community experience,

  • Provide input on how health consumers and communities feel and think about certain issues and health needs,

  • Be active participants on committees, Health Councils and working groups to ensure the consumer and community concerns are recognised.​

This webpage will provide details of current items open for public comment or opportunities for you to participate in consultation.  

Warren Multi-Purpose Service Clinical Services Plan

As part of the planning for the Warren Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) Clinical Services Plan, we invite you to complete a short survey. 

The Clinical Service plan is a key document which will be used to guide the development of the MPS over the next ten years. 

The survey can be collected at Warren MPS, Dr Kater Drive or RaRMS Health at 21 Lawson Street, Warren. Alternatively,  the survey can be completed online here.​

The survey will close on Friday 20 March 2020. 

For more information contact Health Service Planner, Susan Harrison on​u or phone (02) 6369 8063.

Cowra Health Service Redevelopment

As part of planning for the new Hospital, the Cowra Health Council invites you to complete a short survey. 

You can collect a survey from Cowra Hospital at 64 Liverpool Street or Cowra Shire Council offices at 116 Kendal Street, Cowra. 

Alternatively, you can complete the online survey here

​​​​Bathurst Community & Region Integrated

Clinical Services Plan 2019-2029

The draft Bathurst Community & Region Integrated Clinical Services Plan 2019-2029 has been developed in consultation with the community, health staff and is focused on the current and emerging health needs on the population. 

The plan extends over a 10-year period and will help guide the development of clinical and support services provided by the Bathurst Health Service. 

It identifies health priorities, challenges and examines how these can be responded to in terms of services and infrastructure. ​

Consultation closed (as of COB Friday 10th January 2020)​​​​​​