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Prevent Falls

Need help to prevent falls?

No other single cause of injury, including road trauma, costs the health system more than falls. We have a range of resources on falls injury prevention for older people.​

Check out this great video on YouTube, CALL - Don't Fall​

Adult Falls Prevention - Information for patiens, carers and families
Information to help decrease your risk of falling in hospital and at home. Find useful information on things you can do to stay active and on your feet, including information about your health, making your home environment safe, what to do if you do have a fall and home and lifestyle checklists to help reduce your risk of falling.​
​Falls Prevention Network

​The main purpose of the Falls Prevention Network is to share knowledge, expertise and resources on falls injury prevention for older people. ​

​​Active and Healthy
​This website can help you find an exercise program in your local area and provides information and tools that can assist you to increase your physical activity. Preventing a fall resources are also available. 
Active and Healthy Online Program ​​
​Healthy and Active for Life Online is a FREE 10-week healthy lifestyle program for adults aged 60+ years or aged 45+ years for Aboriginal people. The program will help you learn how to make small, sustainable changes in your lifestyle to improve your health, including healthy eating and physical activity.
​​Stepping On
​The Stepping On program has proven to reduce falls in older people living in the community. The program incorporates strategies to implement positive lifestyle changes to keep you independent, upright and active.
April Falls Video
Keeping your CHILD safe from falling in hospital - Information for parents and carers 

The hospital environment is very different to home, with higher beds and harder floors. In hospital, your child may be attached to equipment such as drips and monitors, and they may not be at their best because of an illness, injury or medicines they have been given.

As a result, children are at risk of falling in hospital. Read how you can help to reduce your child's risk of falling in hospital. 

Falls Prevention in Maternity - Information for mothers of newborns 
​Useful information on how mothers of newborn babies can reduce their risk of falling in hospital. 
​Safe Exercise at Home​ 
Online physical activity exercises and resources for older people and people with mobility limitations.