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Arts In Health

Arts In Health

Enhancing wellbeing through art

We want to enrich the experience of all members of our communities who walk through the doors of our hospitals. This is why we have implemented several Arts in Health programs throughout Western NSW Local Health District.

Research shows that Arts in Health programs can enhance a patient’s healing process and potentially reduce their length of stay in hospital.

We want to ensure our hospitals are welcoming community centres, designed to enhance the patient, visitor and staff experience and promote general wellbeing.

Bathurst and Orange Health Services have had comprehensive programs in place for a number of years and similar programs have been initiated for the new $91.3M Dubbo Hospital, the $72.5M Parkes Hospital redevelopment and the $40.9M Forbes Hospital refurbishment.

Because we have a large percentage of Aboriginal patients, we ensure that each of our Arts in Health programs are designed through appropriate community consultation. Hospitals have not historically been seen as positive places for Aboriginal people: Arts in Health is one way we can improve the perception of hospitals and generate a sense of community pride and ownership of these facilities.

To find out more about our Arts in Health programs across Western NSW Local Health District, please contact the following people:

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