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Our Aboriginal Artwork

Our Aboriginal Artwork

Healthy Living, Healthy Choices

This Aboriginal art design signifies a powerful identity, spirituality and pays respect to our ancestral creators. In 2012, Western NSW Local Health District held an Aboriginal Art Design Competition. This was an exciting initiative for the Local Health District and is seen as an important step in raising the profile and recognition of Aboriginal Health initiatives within the district.

The theme of the competition was ‘Healthy Living, Healthy Choices’ and is aimed at highlighting the belief that together we can make a difference to improve the health status of Aboriginal people in Western NSW Local Health District.

About the artwork

Artwork; 'Healthy Living, Healthy Choices' by Jasmine Sarin

Artwork by Jasmine Sarin

“There are many ways people view health, some see it as eating healthy, some see it as having better services, and others may see it as keeping strong family ties. No matter how you look at it, health translates across all cultures and boundaries.

This is what I hoped to illustrate in my artwork. The animals and plants represent healthy tucker and being active is shown by the footprints which connect the 2 central figures. These figures symbolise those who are seeking health services and those providing health services.

I used green to reflect revitalisation and energy that comes with getting healthy and earthy colours to reflect the agricultural landscape of Western NSW.” – Jasmine Sarin, Artist