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Allied Health Awards

Allied Health Awards

Our Allied Health Awards

The Western NSW Local Health District Allied Health Awards aim to promote and recognise the high quality work of our Allied Health professionals and their support staff.

Winners of the our Allied Health Awards are nominated to represent the District in the NSW Excellence in Allied Health Awards.


2022 Finalists

​​A massive congratulations to our awards finalists in the following categories;​

Allied Health Researcher of the Year

Lynette Bullen – WINNER

Lynette is a Senior Drug and Alcohol Clinician in the Social Work team at Orange Health Service. Lynette’s research on the beliefs that influence drug and alcohol clinicians when considering the referral of Aboriginal clients to involuntary drug and alcohol treatment in NSW has been accepted for publication in the Drug and Alcohol Review. Lynette’s drive to change the status quo is recognised by her peers as she champions for a positive and progressive learning environment. In both research and in work practices, Lynette has an outstanding contribution to clinical excellence. 

Brett Chambers 

Brett is a Clinical Pharmacist in Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD). While working in the LHD he recognised the need for improved Clinical Pharmacy Services across the rural and remote facilities spread across a vast geographical area. As the Project Lead for the Virtual Clinical Pharmacy Service Brett led a collaborative team from across multiple organisations to design and implement a Virtual Clinical Pharmacy Service (VCPS).  

Bec Davies

Bec is a Social Worker with Bathurst Health Service, Oncology Department. Bec has always pursued research and quality improvement in whatever field of work she is working in. Currently Bec is leading a research project that seeks to develop an understanding of the experiences of people who live with ongoing impairment from their cancer treatment and who have also experienced post-traumatic growth through coping with their cancer experience. As well as being a researcher, Bec is a compassionate, passionate and hardworking clinician who is able to translate theory into practice in clinical settings. 

Early Career Allied Health Professional of the Year


Kathyrn Grogan 

Kate is a highly valued member of the Virtual Clinical Pharmacy Service (VCPS) Team and merits recognition as an Allied Health early career leader. Kate is inclusive, encouraging and always willing to contribute to the emerging and growing VCPS Team. She continuously seeks and develops learning opportunities and strives to build expertise through leadership in quality improvement projects. Kate has been instrumental in developing educational opportunities for the extended VCPS team. She has taken the initiative to lead the newly established team in this area and implement regular knowledge sharing and clinical supervision opportunities for fellow clinical pharmacists to learn together in a supportive, virtual environment. 

Ivy Moore WINNER

Ivy is a Dietitian at Bathurst Health Service who works in the Pro-Rehab team. Since starting this role, as new graduate Ivy has naturally developed into a leader, where she now co-ordinates the Pro Rehab team meetings and she collaborates with multidisciplinary  rehab team to champion outcomes for the clients taking a whole person centred approach. Ivy often receives positive feedback from b both team members and clients for her contribution. One client wrote a thank you letter to Pro Rehab once discharged and specifically named Ivy as someone who made a big difference to their rehab outcomes. Ivy is known for going above and beyond within her service provision, researching and contacting service out of area to connect patients with care to ensure the right care at the right time is provided.

Sarah Toohey

Sarah is employed as a Psychologist and works in the IDAT (Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment) service and (new) Wattle Grove Psychiatric rehabilitation service. As an early career health professional, Sarah consistently demonstrated the NSW Health core values. Sarah has supported consumers during formal legal tribunals and reviews, encouraging them to tell their own story. She has also led training of other Psychologists in assessment and documentation. In a short amount of time, Sarah has developed a collaborative relationship with the multidisciplinary team members across both services she works in. 

Allied Health Leader of the Year

Catherine Osborne  

Cath is employed as the Chief Radiation Therapist at the Dubbo Cancer Centre. Cath has worked incredibly hard to establish a new patient centred Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Imaging Service for Dubbo and rural surrounding communities providing the opportunity for rural communities to have treatment closer to home. Cath leads by example with colleagues reporting she is a compassionate, highly skilled leader who strives for excellence. Cath empowers patients and their carers entering the service in their treatment journey. Cath is insightful and is constantly taking on feedback on how to improve the service provided to provide patient centred care. Her leadership style ensures all clinicians working under her guidance provide the same approach to their service provision.

Katrina Rohr

Katrina is a Senior Speech Pathologist at Bathurst Health Service and job shares the Speech Pathology Manager role. Katrina has been the manager of a service that unexpectedly had numerous vacancies all within the context of COVID-19. Over this time Katrina demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, flexibility, resilience and positivity to manage staff, clients, communities and herself. Katrina was able to efficiently pivot services to continue to meet the demands of the community while working diligently with recruitment to attract the right person into roles. She maintained strong leadership and collaboration with her team over this time.  

Jenna West 

Jenna is an Occupational Therapist and Head of Department for Occupational Therapist (OT)s, Allied Health Assistants and Diversional Therapists across the General and Mental Health campuses at Orange Health Service. Jenna inspires her colleagues to better themselves not only for the outcome of the patient / community, but for the staff to strive for a personnel sense of purpose in their work and as a team. Jenna actively modifies communication strategies, planning, and meetings to meet her teams’ needs. Jenna is an advocate for thinking outside the box to improve the service and workforce, and considers wellbeing of her staff a vital component to leadership and management.

Anita Willey WINNER

Anita is a Social Worker and the Team Leader of the Specialist Programs in Bathurst Hub Mental Health Drug and Alcohol (MHDA) Anita’s leadership, innovation and collaboration has transformed the structure of the CAMHS service in WNSWLHD. Under Anita’s leadership, WNSWLHD has implemented a model that focuses on choice and partnership – leading in person centred care. This has involved aligning multidisciplinary staff to their specialist skills (psychology, social work, nursing and OT), co-designing with partners in the community and establishing strong supporting governance. For the workforce this has meant working in discipline specific roles, providing clinicians with a strong sense of purpose within their discipline, rather than generalist roles. For consumers this means a service that is offered around choice and partnership to achieve the outcomes that matter to them.  

Allied Health Assistant/Technician of the Year

Judy Armstrong WINNER

For over 20 years, Judy has been a highly valued Allied Health Assistant, for both the Dubbo Primary & Community Health (DPaCH) Occupational Therapy (OT) Service, as well as the District OT Paeds Service. The level of clinical and procedural knowledge Judy brings to her role is reflected in the exceptional client care and clinical supports she provides to the Occupational Therapy and greater community health teams. Judy actively seeks out professional development opportunities to work at top of scope within her role.  Judy independently coordinates and runs parent support, health promotion, individual therapy sessions and therapy groups. More recently Judy has taken on the opportunity to support AHA’s in remote areas of the LHD to share her knowledge and skills.

Lisa Hodges 

Lisa Hodges is a proud “Wiradjuri” woman and an essential member of not only the allied health team but the entire Wellington Health Service team. Lisa is always willing to go above and beyond for her peers, patients and community members. On a day to day basis Lisa is a valued member in the acute setting ensuring staff and patient safety. This is represented through her exceptional manual handling skills on the ward and willingness to assist all members of the team. Lisa’s contribution is vital to the low falls seen at Wellington Health Service. Lisa regularly partner’s with community health organisations often liaising with local enterprises to arrange transport for patients, follow up with appointments, ensuring that the patients have the necessary care and support for safe transition into the community. 

Francis Jarvis 

Frances is employed as an Allied Health Assistant at Bathurst Health Service. Frances is a highly valued member of the Occupational Therapy team and the broader multidisciplinary teams at Bathurst. France’s support has been instrumental in establishing a new community rehab service assisting with co-ordination of appointments, team member attendance, implementation meetings and collecting data.  During COVID and staff shortages, Francis has taken on extra workload without prompting. Her dedication to her work, her clients and to Bathurst Health Service has not gone unnoticed with teams in the hospital and local Executive  

Allied Health Educator of the Year

Christina EdwardsWINNER

Chrissy is employed as a Senior Speech Pathologist at Lourdes Hospital, Dubbo. 

Chrissy’s passion is providing high quality clinical placements and supervision to Speech Pathology students from a range of Universities across the State to ensure they experience good quality rural placements. In addition to this, Chrissy readily provides leadership and peer mentoring to multidisciplinary colleagues in relation student preparation, planning and ‘difficult/challenging’ conversations. Chrissy provides extensive training for junior allied health staff to become high quality student placement supervisors. Chrissy also uses education to advocate for allied health priding education session to medical and nursing workforce on a regular basis regarding the role of Speech Pathology in rehabilitation, neuro and palliative care.   

Amelia Wagstaff 

Amelia is employed as a Clinical Pharmacy Educator. She is considered by colleagues to be committed to supporting, empowering and upskilling others across the LHD. Amelia actively contributors to a positive and progressive learning culture through continuing to grow within her own professional development. Amelia has embraced her role with enthusiasm and gusto, developing her skills as an Educator and a leader in this space. Amelia has lead the reinvigoration of the virtual Continuing Education program and the Clinical Competency Assessment Tool (ClinCAT®), two significant programs within the Pharmacy Service to support the continued professional development of Clinical Pharmacists.

Aboriginal Allied Health Professional & Allied Health Professional of the Year

Nicole Brindle WINNER

Nicole is a physiotherapist at Forbes Health Service and commenced at Forbes when physiotherapy services and FTE were extremely limited.  Within three months Nicole’s vision, passion and drive for patient centred care, was able to completely redesign the service delivery at both Parkes and Forbes. Nicole is a strong advocate for physiotherapy whenever she attends community or hospital forums. One of Nicole passions is mentoring, supporting and upskilling junior staff to work at the top of scope in rewarding rural generalist roles, providing best practice clinical care. Nicole is also passionate about supporting students in the workplace inspiring them to see career opportunities in rural generalist work. In a co-design approach Nicole has made some positive changes to service provision implementing speciality clinics that are normally only accessed in larger regional hospitals providing quality care for people closer to home. This has included a Lymphoedema screening clinic and more recently a women’s health clinic.

Campbell Hyland 

Campbell is a Social Worker at Wellington Health Service. Campbell is a well-known, well respected allied health member within the Wellington Community due to his passion and commitment for helping Campbell’s passion and commitment for patient safety and welfare is portrayed by continuously advocating for his patients. Campbell works tirelessly as the only Social Worker at a rural hospital. He goes above and beyond to provide quality care for his patients and his empathy and care are always feedback by patients that have been provided as service by him.

Emma Parkes WINNER

Emma is the Social Work Head of Department at Dubbo Health Service. Emma’s team provides an essential service to a large geographical area in Dubbo and surrounding areas.  Emma is a diligent and passionate clinician and leader who provides an exceptional service to the community she services. Emma is a proud Aboriginal woman and is passionate about her culture and ensuring those connecting with the health service have a good experience of care. Emma has been a fantastic advocate for the Aboriginal workforce at Dubbo Health Service. A true leader.  

Annette Shelley 

Annette in employed as a renal Dietitian at Orange Health Service. She actively and passionately   contributes to renal services clinical excellence throughout the southern sector of the Western NSW LHD. Annette strives to have the most up to date knowledge in regards to renal dietetics and commenced research in this area to be able to provide new and emerging best practice for her clients. Annette is flexible in her approach to managing client needs and provide holistically patient centred care. 

Kathy Stoddart 

Kathy Stoddart is employed as an Audiologist and is a long standing and much loved member of the Mudgee Community Health team and the Mudgee community. While the LHD has seen significant changes over time, Kathy has continued to provide the same high quality care and clinical excellence throughout the past four decades. Kathy has always provided a highly professional and caring service for her many clients and their families. Kathy has been dedicated in developing partnerships with professionals such as surgeons, specialist, GP’s and community services. Kathy is highly respected for her knowledge and clinical expertise. Kathy is passionate about sharing her knowledge presenting at numerous conference around the state providing education and presentation based on her clinical expertise.

Jen Syme

Jen is employed as a Social Worker with the COVID Care in the Community team (CCiC) and contributes significantly to the promotion of allied health on a daily basis. She is passionate about the contribution her allied health colleagues make, and constantly encouraging nursing and medical staff to refer patients who would benefit from their support. She is always willing to jump in and take on extra work to further enhance the patient journey to ensure that holistic patient care is at the forefront of service provision.  

Jen’s adaptability and varied skillset within a changing environment has been instrumental in a successful multidisciplinary team. Jen has been recognised by her nursing, medical and allied health peers on numerous occasions for her professionalism as a Social Worker and her active role in optimising patient’s clinical, social and emotional wellbeing, as well as for supporting the wellbeing of her colleagues.