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Nurse, Midwife and Team of the Year

Nurse, Midwife and Team of the Year

The Nurse, Midwife and Team of the Year Awards

The Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) Nurse, Midwife and Team Awards acknowledges the significant skill, passion, and contributions of nurses and midwives from across the District.

Winners of the WNSWLHD Nurse, Midwife and Team of the Year Awards are nominated to represent the District in the NSW Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards.

2022 nominees & winners

​​A massive congratulations to our 2022 nominees and winners in the following categories;​

Midwife of the Year Award

Tanya Bayliss's photoTanya Bayliss

Parkes Health Service
Tanya acts as the lynch pin between the medical team, high risk clinics and the family unit. She is non-judgmental and treats everyone with respect and integrity regardless of their individual situation.

Tanya is extremely dedicated to the women and families in our District. She constantly goes above and beyond to make sure our families have the right care in the right place by the right provider.

Tanya also actively works with students and new midwives to develop their midwifery skills.

Tanya is recognised by the women in our community as a very trusted, resourceful and compassionate midwife.

Emma Howard's photo​Emma Howard

COVID Care in the Community (CCiC)
Emma is dedicated and passionate about caring for pregnant women who have COVID-19. She ensures they receive the best care, regardless of location.

Emma is constantly praised by patients under her care, as she makes everyone feel comfortable even during difficult times.

The COVID Care in the Community (CCiC) team enjoy working with Emma. Not everyone in the CCiC team are midwives, therefore, they often call on Emma for her expertise. Emma ensures that all nurses are confident to deliver care to pregnant women.

Emma builds a special rapport with every patient she cares for, addresses all their concerns, and meets their individual health care needs.

Maryanne Ford

Maryanne has been a steadfast member of the maternity unit for many years, delivering generations safely into the world. Despite the stresses, Maryanne is always there.

Maryanne is known as the “midwife mum” as she offers support to other staff members and leads the midwives of the future. When Maryanne is on shift, the unit is in safe, highly skilled, and competent hands.

Maryanne’s humour and calm demeanour is an incredible asset to her team.


​Charlotte Hauville

Charlotte always exceeds expectations. Charlotte has an incredible work ethic and is always a team player.

Charlotte manages the maternity shared care clinic and the high-risk clinic in collaboration with Nepean Hospital. This service allows women with high-risk pregnancies to be reviewed by a specialist and attend their clinic appointments in Mudgee. Charlotte also manages the ‘Safe Start’ Program, which is led by a multi-disciplinary team to support vulnerable pregnant women.

Charlotte is passionate and heavily invested in these programs. Their results are crucial and impact the lives of many women and babies in Mudgee.

​Nicolle Knight

Nicolle is extremely professional, caring and kind. Nicolle is deeply passionate about ensuring mothers and their families are cared for. Nicole’s high attention to detail empowers and assures patients that they are receiving the best level of care.

Judi Driscoll's photoJudi Driscoll


Judi is extremely caring and a deeply passionate midwife. The team speak very highly of Judi and thoroughly enjoy working with her. Judi goes above and beyond, not only for her patients but for colleagues as well.

People describe Judi as highly conscientious and diligent in her practice. Judi always follows policy and best practice methods. She provides an outstanding level of care, ensures patients are safe, and advocates for all patient needs.

Judi is the heart of the maternity unit. Judi’s kind, and calming nature centers the team during challenging and at times difficult cases, which truly makes her a delight to work with.

​Joy Jackson

​Joy is always a pleasure to work with from a colleague and patient care perspective. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has the most amazing bedside manner.

Nothing is ever an effort to Joy. She contributes to staff learning and is such an asset to our hospital. Joy educates and shares her decades of experience with up-and-coming midwives. She also respects the wishes of birthing mothers.

Joy is passionate about Mother’s, and their families, having the best experience possible in their unique birthing journey and it really shows in her practice.

Matilda George

Matilda brings joy, empathy, compassion, and knowledge to every shift. She delivers women focused care by ensuring that all women under her care felt heard and are central in their maternity care plans.

Matilda is a natural leader with years of experience which she shares with all skill levels. She is very dedicated to her role as a midwife and is an asset to the team and our community.

​Katherine Skinner

WINNER​ – read more at WNSWLHD announces 2022 Midwife of the Year – WNSWLHD

Katherine has worked at Orange Hospital as a midwife for over 27 years. Her passion for midwifery and the level of care she provides surpasses all expectations. Her skills are exemplary, and she is a significant role model for junior midwives.

As Charge of Shift, she ensures all mothers, and their babies are safe and receive the highest quality of care.

Katherine demonstrates all living well values in her daily duties. She also demonstrates NSW Health CORE values particularly collaboration, when working with multi-disciplinary teams.

Nurse of the Year Award

​​Cherie's photoCherie Seeliger

Registered Nurse
Western Cancer Centre Dubbo
​Cherie always gives 100% to her job. Cherie is a fantastic advocate for patients and staff. Cherie displays the CORE values of our organisation in her everyday work. Her energy and commitment is inspiring.

Cherie is always willing to help solve problems, nothing is ever a drama. She is approachable and she is able to help develop solutions with others.

Cherie is supportive of staff members, she strives to assist new and junior staff to become competent oncology nurses and she supports senior staff to achieve further.

Cherie has committed a huge amount of time and effort into the new cancer centre especially the new service of radiation oncology where she has had to learn as much as she can as well to ensure appropriate nursing practices and procedures for the patients of the area.

Matthew Grant's photo​Mathew Grant

Enrolled Endorsed Nurse (EEN)
Bloomfield Hospital
Mathew is the very essence of what it means to be a Nurse. During 2021 COVID outbreak, Mathew volunteered to join the Mental Health Drug and Alcohol (MHD&A) COVID Response Team, working in regional and remote communities away from his family and friends, to care for those who needed it most. In February 2022, Mathew again helped out by going to assisting the Bourke Multipurpose Service.

Mathew always makes the effort to give every patient the time and care that we would all like to see given to ourselves and our families. Mathew is the first to be on the floor calming down an elevated patient, trying his best to use talk therapy. Mathew has always seen a future and a way forward for each and every patient.

Mathew’s professionalism and dedication to our profession is an example to everyone. Whilst working hard each day in his professional role, he spends his personal time studying to be a Registered Nurse to advance his career and better his ability to provide nursing care.

Mathew makes it his mission each and every shift to ensure he makes all of his colleagues have a laugh and regularly checks up on everyone. He inspires people to be a better Nurse and makes everyone he comes into contact with remember why they went into nursing in the beginning.

Photo of Tintu​Tintu Pallikkara

Registered Nurse
Orange Health Service
​Tintu has exceptional knowledge as a surgical nurse. She is a senior nurse in her ward and is very eager to help new staff.

Tintu is reliable. She is very good in communicating with patients, their relatives and multi disciplinary team members.

Tintu is very efficient in delivering patient centred care using her clinical skills and critical thinking. Both patients, their relatives and the hospital management are well aware of her capabilities , her honest and sincere works during the last many years.

​Regina McMullen

Registered Nurse
Cobar Health Service
​Regina is an outstanding member of the nursing team at Cobar Hospital who, without hesitation goes above and beyond her duties to benefit the Cobar community.

Regina shows up day after day to provide the highest standard of care for all patients and works restlessly to ensure everyone’s needs are met, including the needs of the staff around her.

Regina has been an involved and caring member of the Cobar community for many years now and has had a life long impact on the lives of many people from all walks of life.

Lauren Lowe - photoLauren Lowe

Registered Nurse
Cardiovascular Unit, Orange Health Service
​Lauren is a great nurse to work with, she is a great team leader.

Lauren is very approachable, knowledgeable and has a great personality. Laure is always helpful, never hesitates to offer help and  full of great advice.

Lauren brings a cool, calm and collected attitude to work everyday. She is very humble and always tries to diver any attention she receives for her hard work.

​Sharon Smith

Assistant In Nursing
Coonamble Multipurpose Service
​Sharon is very caring, engaging and beautiful with the residential patients in the facility.

Sharon is always committed to making sure her patients are looked after and engaging in activities in Residential Aged Care. Sharon makes herself available to help at all times, reducing anxiety and building relationships of trust within her daily routine.

Sharon always respects her residence privacy and integrity. Sharon is always kind and listens to what they want. Sharon provides exceptional patient experience, always engaging and happy at work with patients and work colleagues.

Sharon always contributes to positive workplace culture.

​Christal Ayton

 Nurse Endoscopist
Operating Theatres, Dubbo
​Christal Ayton is a Transitional Nurse Practitioner Endoscopist (TNPE) in Theatres at Dubbo Health Service.

Christal has shown grit, determination and courage to enter a clinical area not typically occupied by a nurse and has excelled in this role.

Christal has become a role model to nursing staff not only at Dubbo but throughout the state during her clinical journey.

Sandra Wharton - photoSandra Wharton

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Infection Prevention & Control
​Sandra demonstrates outstanding values including initiative, leadership and dedication to the profession of Nursing and Midwifery.

Sandra’s passion and guidance during the pandemic has earned the respect of peers not only within the District but also at the state level.

Rachel Long

Registered Nurse
​Rachel is a caring team player. She is a hard worker, provides excellent patient care, is always professional and generally a very wonderful nurse.

Christine Bright - photoChristine Bright

Registered Nurse (RN)
Blayney Health Service
WINNER​ – read more at WNSWLHD announces Nurse of the Year

Christine is a year three Registered Nurse. Christine worked at Blayney as a Assistant in Nursing, Enrolled Nurse, Transition Registered Nurse and now a permanent Registered Nurse.

Christine is a central part of her community and demonstrates a strong commitment to both rural health and aged care nursing.

Christine has played a pivotal role in keeping our residents and patients engaged throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Christine has also embraced and assisted in the roll out quality improvement projects here at Blayney such as the Incontinence Associated Dermatitis Package, medication history taking and Intentional iView rounding.

Christine demonstrates excellence in care through her meticulous attention to detail when caring for her patients ensuring the patient/resident is at the centre of her care.  In patient or resident rounding, Christine is mentioned each week by both patients and her colleagues as deserving recognition of the care she has given.

Felicity Radford - photoFelicity Radford

Registered Nurse
Paediatric Ward, Dubbo Health Service
Felicity has excellent nursing skills from basic to complex tasks.

Felicity is a great teach and mentor to junior nurses and students. She is a wealth of information and is always happy to guide and assist other nurses.

Felicity is very reliable.  She has an excellent  rapport with patients, colleagues and medical staff. Felicity’s smile makes even the toughest days bearable and seem easy.

Felicity is assertive. She is always helpful with patient flow on the ward and ward rounds.

Felicity is kind hearted and calm. She embodies what a good nurse is; knowledgeable, skilled, social and caring.

Catherine Hurst

Registered Nurse
Surgical Ward, Orange Health Service
Catherine is a dedicated, professional and caring nurse.

Catherine  is a  pleasure to work with. She goes beyond her call of duty to look after her patients. She is committed to ensuring patient safety and is reliable and professional in her conduct at all times.

Julia Sharp

Clinical Nurse Specialist
ICD Aboriginal Children and Families, Bathurst Community Health
Julia has demonstrated  outstanding work and commitment to Aboriginal families as the Child and Family Health Nurse with the Building Strong Foundations (BSF) for Aboriginal Children, Families and Communities Services team in Bathurst.

Julia provides  a culturally safe and appropriate early childhood health service for Aboriginal children from birth to school entry age and their families.

Abigail Kudinha - photoAbigail Kudinha

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Intensive Care & After Hours Unit, Orange Health Service
Abigail is very hard working , knowledgeable with lots of skills.

Abigail is very supportive to all staff in every department.

Smitha Paul - photoSmitha Paul

Registered Nurse
Castlereagh Clinic, Bloomfield Hospital
Smitha is a conscientious nurse, committed to patient care using evidence based skill, an example of this is recovery oriented and trauma informed care in Mental Health.

Smitha regularly seeks out opportunities to broaden her skills and has completed all required mandatory training both online and face to face.

Smitha is always keen and motivated to attend self-directed learning. Smitha is always keen in supporting new and junior staff to develop their skills and ensure ongoing and future quality health care.

Sonia Christie - photoSonia Christie

Registered Nurse
Rylstone MPS – Community Health
Sonia is an exceptional nurse.She is committed to patient centred care and is an absolute delight to work with. Patient centred care is at the core of Sonia’s care delivery. Sonia lives and breathes the ethos of the Living Well Together principles. Sonia is invested in the delivery of quality health care delivery within the District.

Sonia demonstrates leadership, collaboration and empowerment in her daily practice as a highly skilled community health nurse.

Sonia provides highly specialised care to her patients and their family/carers.

Staff at Rylstone Multipurpose Service (MPS) look to Sonia for guidance and support when providing specialised care such as wound and palliative care.

Sonia provides outreach and in reach support to the Primary Health Network, MPS acute and Residential Aged Care patients.

Sonia respects the rights of her patients, their families and carers as well as her colleagues; whilst always ensuring the delivery of patient centred, quality and safe healthcare.

Megan Ashraf - photoMegan Ashraf

Clinical Nurse Educator
Medical Ward, Orange Health Service
Meg is an amazing and dedicated clinical nurse educator who support new graduates and students as well as the whole nursing team of the Medical ward.

As the medical ward is the primary admission ward for COVID positive patients, Meg ensured all staff practice Personal Protection Equipment donning and doffing, while also ensuring each staff member had been mask fitted appropriately.

Meg is a generous and caring leader who works tirelessly with the team to care for a combination of medical patients. She demonstrates patient centred care by ensuring all staff are up to date with competencies and providing current information through daily in-services and direct face to face education.

Michelle Hope

Registered Nurse
Paediatric Ward, Bathurst Health Service
Michelle is incredible kind and knowledgeable.  She is incredibly supportive of her colleagues and is such a gentle, kind, caring presence for all her patients and parents. Michelle is always smiling and happy to both her patients, their careers and well as other staff. She is always calm and reassuring in stressful situations and seems to always know what to say. She is committed and empathetic.

Michelle always works collaboratively with her colleagues within the multidisciplinary team. She has excellent communication skills.

Michelle is committed to health outcomes of not only her patients but their parents as well. She always takes the time to ensure the parents or carers are well informed and updated on their child’s health.

James Daley - photoJames Daley

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Palliative Care
District-wide Specialist Palliative Care Service
James has work tirelessly over the last 15 months on a clinical redesign project to improve more timely and equitable access to Specialist Palliative Care Service through the use of virtual technologies.

James has shown strong leadership skills and a unwavering commitment to this project and has earnt the respect of his colleagues for what has been achieved and the benefits for patients. In conjunction with this project, James has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Redesign, throughout this time.

James now intends to continue to roll this pilot project across the District to further benefit all patients and their families who require access to Specialist Palliative Care. Feedback to date from staff, patients and families involved in the project has been very positive.

Jennifer Ramien - photoJennifer Ramien

Registered Nurse
COVID Care in the Community (CCiC)
Jennifer leads by example and it is this strong leadership that has meant that districts CORE values (Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment) have flowed down through the entire CCiC team and underpin the CCiC ways of working. This is evident in the behaviours and attitudes of the entire team, despite an ever-changing and at times highly stressful environment.

Coming from an integrated care nursing background, Jennifer recognised the need for CCiC to deliver patient centred care and set about building strong relationships between the CCiC nursing team and various other teams across the District.

Jennifer and her team provided education and support to local facilities. Jennifer also recognised the importance of having a multidisciplinary team approach to care and advocated for allied health staff such as Social Work, Occupational Therapy and Dietetics to be incorporated into the CCiC team.

Priscilla Stanley

Public Health, Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Directorate
Priscilla has been an exceptional leader throughout the COVID-19 response. She has been a highly respected representative of the District at a State level, highlighting the unique challenges of the COVID-19 response for rural and remote communities. Simultaneously, providing Public Health advice to the District Executive as well as leading her own teams. At the heart of all Priscilla does in her role as Manager Health Protection and Public Health, is to ensure optimal outcomes for the District’s populations.

Priscilla has played a key role in the COVID-19 response, she has embraced the rapidly changing environment with grit and determination to ensure the best possible outcomes possible. Amongst the COVID-19 response Priscilla has also demonstrated strong leadership and ensured the ‘business as usual’ of Public Health have remained on-course. Most recently, Priscilla has taken a lead role in the in the rapidly evolving situation around Japanese Encephalitis, surging gastro outbreaks across multiple ‘high risk’ industries as well as the various challenges around flood disaster areas.

Fiona Martin

Integrated Care in the Community


Fiona is a Registered Nurse and Midwife and is the first permanent ‘Remote in Home Monitoring Nurse’ in Western New South Wales. Fiona has truly excelled in this new, evolving role. Fiona implemented a remote in-home monitoring service using a digital patient monitoring platform across the entire district. Fiona built trust in the service, engaged clinicians and developed clinical procedures.

Fiona played a vital role during the emergency COVID Care in the Community response. The WNSWLHD Remote in-Home Monitoring service is a large credit to Fiona’s commitment; personal and professional strengths; organisational skills; and dedication to quality patient care and public service.

Fiona also conducted training and led the orientation of  new nurses and doctors redeployed into this virtual care field.

Team of the Year Award

Child and Family Health

Bathurst Health Service


This team is committed in providing professional postnatal care and services to the women and families of Bathurst.

The child and family health team provide an holistic approach and works with families strengths in navigating parenting from 0-5 years. The team are family centred and work with families to reach achievable goals. The team offers services such as lactation support, New parents groups, evening appointments for working parents.

The Child and Family Health team are a dedicated, high preforming team that has managed to offer a high level of care through the challenges that COVID brought. The team use the living well together framework to ensure patient care is always the priority.

​Intensive Care Unit (ICU)  – COVID response

Dubbo Health Service
In August 2021 Dubbo was the first large rural centre to experience a significant COVID outbreak within the community and townships within its catchment.  Dubbo Health Services response to this, particularly within the ICU service lead the way.

Dubbo ICU (inclusive of all the secondary staff deployed to this zone) delivered patient centred, family supported COVID care in hospital and particularly for COVID positive patients who required end of life care.

Community Health District Nurses

This team consistently provides exceptional nursing services to the Cowra community. They are are mentioned in every PREM survey by the patients regarding their quality of care, their caring nature and positive attitudes.

The team overcome obstacles and  provide high levels of care. The team work with each other, the wider community health team and the patients to ensure best outcomes for the patients. They are open to learning and sharing ideas as well as explaining procedures to patients.

The team are respectful to each other’s differences. The team partners with patients to ensure best outcomes. They take their role as primary heath seriously and do everything in their power to keep people in their homes.

​Acute Ward / Emergency Department

Wellington Health Service nursing team manage to overcome all obstacles, they face challenges head on and remain focused on providing exceptional patient centred care on a day to day basis.

The team work extremely hard work and are dedicated to getting the best possible health outcomes in a small rural hospital.

The team are dedicated to provided patient centre care and ensuring that ALL of patients receive the best possible care and follow up from admission to discharge.

The team work effectively with the doctors and multi disciplinary team to ensure that all patients are safe during their admission and have the right discharge planning in place before going home.

Our Emergency Nursing team, go above and beyond for the Emergency Patients and ensure that they receive the best possible care/treatment and follow up whilst they are in the emergency department.

​ Transitional Aged Care Program (TACP)

​TACP team work hard to deliver quality care to older persons to transition from a hospital stay to their home. The TACP team support clients to remain out of Aged Care facilities and hospital unnecessarily. Clinical Coordinators work with allied health and care workers to provide clients with their wellness and reablement and to assist them to  reach their goals.

Emergency Department

Orange Health Service
​The Emergency Department at Orange Health Service demonstrate excellent teamwork, providing the best possible patient centred care in the heart of the pandemic world. The teams respect for each other, team work and helping the community is inspiring.

​Medical Imaging

Orange Health Service
​The medical imaging nursing team are an amazing team who work so well together in a very busy work environment. They are all happy and friendly and make their patients feel safe and welcome. The team are very knowledgeable and always helpful to other teams.

Coronary Care/Stroke Unit

Orange Health Service
Coronary Care is an excellent team of nurses that provide compassionate care to their patients. The Coronary Care and Stroke Unit has amazing team of Nursing and Doctors. The team is always helping each other and communicating each other. Such a great, cohesive team that works so well together with an amazing, compassionate, understanding Nurse Unit Manager.

Bourke Hospital Nursing Team

Bourke, NSW
The team at Bourke are supportive, adaptable, flexible and display resilience on a day to day basis.

The Bourke Nursing Team are welcoming to everyone. They are respectful, professional, caring and empathetic.

They work hard to provide a culturally safe and supportive environment for everyone.

Adult Acute Inpatient Unit

Orange Campus – Bloomfield
Adult Acute is always extremely busy and have really committed staff to ensuring appropriate outcomes for our most vulnerable populations when they are at their most acute phase of illness.

The Adult Acute Inpatient Unit are leaders in ensuring trauma informed and recovery focused care. Nursing staff in Adult Acute are continually attempting to continuously improve outcomes for consumers.

The team use evidence based care, they always reflect on their care to ensure best outcomes for patients.

Dubbo Emergency

The Dubbo Emergency always demonstrate excellent team work, this was highlighted throughout the COVID pandemic.

The Dubbo Emergency Team have moved between redevelopments yet still provide outstanding performance and care.

The team have a great working relationship with everyone and understand the importance of working as a great large team beyond their own department, one example is demonstrated through their relationship with ambulance staff.

The Dubbo Emergency Team are efficient, safe and fun team.

As a team they understand that we get through each day together; Ambulance, Cleaners, Managers, Pharmacists, Medical personnel, Support Services, Aboriginal Health Workers and nurses build each other up.

​COVID-19 Vaccination Authorised Nurse Immunisers

District Wide
The past two years brought together a group of nursing staff, and Authorised Nurse Immunisers, who had never worked together before but had the common interest of keeping our communities safe by providing vaccination against COVID-19.

The logistics of vaccinating staff, aged care residents and the general public were enormous. Unlike our metropolitan cousins, all of WNSWLHD clinics, either hubs or community clinics, were uniquely led by Authorised Nurse Immunisers. These ANIs have taken on unfamiliar leadership roles, coordinating an enormous variety of vaccinators and clinic staff. This included onsite organisation of the Australian Defence Force vaccination teams, working with local councils, and clinical guidance for Health Practitioner vaccinators (Allied Health, Aboriginal Health Practitioners, and Registered/Enrolled Nurses).

Throughout all of the COVID-19 vaccination challenges this group has remained focused and kind. It was a time of high anxiety for the public, but the ‘at ease’ way in which all of the ANI worked with staff and patients is to be commended.

​Extended Day Surgery Unit (EDSU)

Orange Health Service
​The EDSU team have been working incredibly hard reduce the impacts of COVID-19 on patients who require surgery. The EDSU team have shown great flexibility with the changing of lists, administration and ensuring patients are kept up to date with the latest information.

The EDSU team maintain a high level of patient care.

The EDSU team are resourceful, flexible and passionate about giving patients the best possible experience.

​Orange Women and Infants

Orange Health Service
The Orange Women and Infants team are dedicated to providing safe and quality care.

The Orange Women and Infants team work together to mothers, babies and families are supported throughout this journey.

The team  working together and support each other to create a positive working environment which  positively impacts on service delivery.

Collarenebri Multipurpose Service

The Collarenebri MPS aim to provide the best patient centred care. The team work together to provide a high level of care to patients, the community and residents.

The team recognises the power in being able to support each other and is more than just the Nursing staff. The Support Service Staff, Administration Staff and Community health teams help out and are a vital part of ensuring the patients gets the best care.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’and this is evident in the support and conduct of everyone that works in or with the Collarenebri Multipurpose Service.

​Surgical Ward

Bathurst Health Service
​The surgical team at Bathurst are a great example of what is means to be a team. The surgical team always check in on each other and help to lighten the other person’s workload if needed. The team is supportive of each other and ensures that everyone helps each other.

The team respect each other and the individual skills/knowledge.

Communication is strong within the team which helps ensure the patient experience is positive and the level of care is high.

​COVID Care in the Community Nursing & Remote in Home Monitoring Team

WINNER​ – read more at WNSWLHD announces Nursing & Midwifery Team of the Year – WNSWLHD

COVID Care in the Community (CCIC) is the first nursing team of its kind in the District. The team formed rapidly in August 2021 in response to the escalating Covid-19 pandemic. The team provide a service that cares and supports COVID positive patients and their families in their own homes, which enables people to receive the right care in the right place.

Delivered virtually, CCIC utilised existing resources from integrated care to innovatively develop and implement a risk stratified model of care and hospital avoidance strategy that was a predominantly nurse led response .

The team consists of thirteen different nursing disciplines working together to provide COVID-19 positive patients with a comprehensive initial assessment and ongoing clinical support to manage symptoms and escalate clinical care. The program was strengthened by the remote in home monitoring program which provided video conferencing, monitoring of vital signs and patient initiated surveys to support decision making.

CCIC provided nurse leadership, robust virtual clinical care and provided health coaching to improve engagement & self-management.

This CCiC team faced many challenges but work together across all disciplines to ensure continuity of patient care and the best possible patient outcomes. The team had to work hard to support patients and families.

The CCiC team met all challenges with a positive outlook and worked hard to support each other.

CCIC enabled nurses to participate in a unique pandemic response. The skills and experience gained will translate to more holistic practices and the potential to expand the scope of CCIC beyond Covid-19 to include more virtual hospital avoidance strategies.

Bathurst Maternity/Special Care Nursery

Bathurst Health Service
The Bathurst Maternity team promote women centred care and strive for the best outcomes for the women of Bathurst.

The Team welcome new staff and foster the development of students, leading to a sustainable workforce. The team stay up to date with new evidence based information and education.

They are passionate, hard working and caring.

Wellbeing Health In-Reach Nurse (WHIN) Coordinators

Located across the District
The WHIN coordinator program commenced in our LHD in April 2021, with the program currently covering 21 schools, providing support to students and their families in accessing and navigating health and social services. The WHIN coordinators aim to assist students and their families navigate health and wellbeing systems, access appropriate services and develop confidence and health literacy to ensure ongoing health and wellbeing engagement. The WHIN coordinators recognise they are not a mandatory service and as a result, place great emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with students, families, colleagues and communities.

The WHIN coordinators work to provide students and families with health and social support options but allow the family to decide on the best pathway for themselves. This is achieved by providing open, honest and evidence-base information, to ensure the student and their family can make an appropriately informed decision.

It is important for students and their families to secure the health outcomes that work best for themselves and their lifestyle. The WHIN coordinators are respectful of this right and work collaboratively with students and their families to ensure the most appropriate, beneficial and targeted services are provided.

The WHIN team has been commended by health, education and their respective local communities for the team’s ongoing knowledge, understanding and commitment to supporting rural and remote families in accessing appropriate services and supports.

Child and Family Health CNC Team

Integrated Care
The Child and Family Health CNC team has consistently provided support and guidance to all Child and Family health staff and managers over a number of years.  Their commitment to ensure universal Child and Family Health Services continued during the COVID pandemic was exceptional and ground breaking.

Through innovative thinking and leadership, Child and Family Health Services introduced a virtual service for staff to support families in their home.  This service allowed for the continuation of growth oversight, emotional support and parenting education.  The service creates greater access to services.

​The Northern Sector Health Service Managers

​The Northern Sector Health Services Management team are leaders committed to rural health.  They lead by example and are always willing to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and help with clinical shifts.

The HSMs continue to role model excellence in leadership by mentoring and coaching upcoming nursing leaders.  Supporting the development of emergent leadership courses and tertiary study opportunity.

The team work together, they support each other and help overcome any challenges.

The team believe strongly in patient centred care and creating culturally appropriate services.

​Narromine Nursing Team

Narromine Health Service
​The nursing team at Narromine are hard-working and determined to bring the best possible care for patients. The team support each other to ensure the Narromine Community have a high standard of care as close to home as possible

Narromine is a warm and welcoming place to work.  The team  foster an enjoyable and supportive work environment.

​Integrated Planned Care for Better Health team

District wide program with Nurses  based across , Dubbo, Bathurst, Orange , Parkes, Forbes , Cowra and Mudgee and Virtually across the District
​The Planned Care for Better health team is is lead by a small team of dedicated  enthusiastic  nurses driving value Based health Care across the District.

The team was instrumental in standing up and providing our districts immediate response to the COVID pandemic. The team of  nurses ( from various skillsets and backgrounds)  were able to pivot what we deliver in our everyday roles  to  provide virtual holistic person centred care in the community to some of our most vulnerable communities.  The team  used their critical clinical skills to  build  trust and rapport with patients. The team helped alleviate the fear and  connect patients to the services they required. The team kept people in their homes and out of hospital .

The ability to engage , collaborate and communicate  with key partners across all  sectors of health and social care, advocating and empowering a wellbeing philosophy  and improving health literacy  for our clients ad carers  is a real strength of our team.

The team continue to deliver care everyday to people in our community  , including lot of these  clients  living now living with Long COVID.

The team of nurses are spread right across the district . They are  kind, compassionate and value the strengths of each other.

ODU Nurse Education Team

District wide team
The ODU Nurse Education Team is hardworking. The team worked together to provide additional support to facilities across the District  throughout the COVID pandemic. This has included:
– developing and implementing additional COVID specific education
– assisting facilities with their COVID preparedness
– coordinating and assisting at COVID swabbing clinics.The team has provided additional assistance such as enhancing virtual education and support services (virtual outreach support and triage)This additional support has been provided on top of the education and support provided by the team as part of normal business.

Parkes Acute Care services

The team work together to overcome challenges  and remain united in their goal of caring for patients and each other.

The team at Parkes are hardworking and maintain a high level of patient care standard.

The team show respect for their peers and earnt respect from their peers to deliver results.

The Pauline Webster Graduate Registered Nurse of the Year Award

Amanda Wise

Theatres Bathurst Hospital


This team is committed in providing professional postnatal care and services to the women and families of Bathurst.

Amanda has a great can-do attitude. She is enthusiastic, hardworking and respectful.

She loves learning new skills to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

​Amelia Coombes

Bathurst Surgical Ward
Amelia has excelled as a graduate and has transitioned well into her practice. Amelia is incredibly passionate about her career. She is an eager and attentive learner who is always looking at ways she can further develop her practice and skills.

​Belinda Bently

Dubbo Base Hospital
Belinda is caring and hardworking. She completed six months at Gulargambone Multipurpose Service.

Belinda actively engages the community as she is committed to delivering quality, evidence based care which is unique to a rural community. Belinda’s practice truly made the Residential Aged Care Residents feel as though their needs were her central focus.

Brydie Hilder

Peak Hill Multipurpose Service
Brydie embodies what it is to be a Registered Nurse. She puts her heart and soul into every shift. Brydie is passionate about not only caring for the patients, but also providing support to their families. She strives to make a difference in her patient’s day, whether that be through a heartfelt chat, or completing a simple task for the patient.

Chelsea Davis

Cancer Services, Orange Hospital
Chelsea is highly motivated and dedicated to her craft. She delivers evidence-based care to her patients while seeking ways to further develop her skillset and knowledge.

Chelsea’s passion can be illustrated through her prioritisation of providing great patient care, particularly in the cancer care setting. Chelsey was previously an Enrolled Nurse, however her passion led her to work in the Chemotherapy Suite.

​Claire Mackinnon

Operating Theatres
​Claire is extremely agile and flexible. This is supported by her working across two units, Operating Theatres and COVID Intensive Care. Claire is a diligent, hard worker who is welcomed and highly regarded in all departments. She is extremely caring to all her patients and provides support to her colleagues when help is needed.

Demi Byrne

Bathurst Health Service – Bathurst Community Mental Health
​Demi joined our team as a new graduate. She is a quick learner who adapted well while working in a very complex environment. Demi’s agility was not only impressive, but also inspiring.  Demi is extremely motivated and is always willing to offer support when needed.Her team stated it is a delight to have Demi in their team, her positivity is contagious.

Emily Garrett

Emily is passionate, caring and has a lot of potential. Emily is a great listener and wonderful with all her patients.

Emma Davies

Emma hit the ground running as a NewGrad . She approaches every shift with a positive attitude and smile on her face. She is passionate about nursing and goes above and beyond to provide the best care for patients. Emma is constantly being complimented by patients for her kindness and warmth.

Enica Rauker

Coonamble MPS
Enica is enthusiastic and takes every opportunity to further develop her knowledge. Enica is self-motivated. She has excellent clinical and time management skills.

While Enica was working in Community Primary Health, her care towards palliative patients in their homes was delivered with compassion and kindness. Family members spoke highly of the care Enica delivered to her patients.

Enica constantly goes above and beyond to provide quality care for her patients.

Erica Orange

Intensive Care Unit
Erica is extremely caring and an outstanding Nurse.

Erica started as an Enrolled Nurse and gained qualifications to become a Registered Nurse.

​Grace Rixon

Grace is proactive which can be illustrated through her eagerness to learn and develop in her role as a Registered Nurse.

Grace is passionate about patient safety which led her to be a falls champion at Parkes.

​Greta Johnson

Mudgee Hospital
​Greta excelled in her learning development and was successful in gaining a scholarship to complete the 12 week Transition to ‘Rural and Remote New Graduate Program’ in the Emergency Department during 2021.

Greta is a dedicated and caring registered nurse who strives to learn and develop new skills to improve her nursing performance. Greta is a valued team member and makes herself available to help her colleagues.

​Jemima Erskine

Jemima is willing to listen, learn and is always motivated to achieve her goals. She provides support to colleagues when the ward is very busy and always offers to assist other nurses with patient care. She thrives from surrounding herself with people who she can learn from and has great rapport with the multidisciplinary team rapport.

​Jessica Beale

Surgical Ward Bathurst
Jessica is passionate about her role and is highly respected by her colleagues.  She willingly takes on new tasks to develop her skillset and abilities to improve her practice. This empowers Jessica to feel confident in her role. She is respectful and courteous to every patient, staff member, and visitor.  She has exceptional rapport with her patients and their families.

​Jessica Richards

Jessica always has the patients and residents at the core of her practice. Jess is a natural leader.

She is proactive in seeking out all new learning opportunities.

Jess turns up to work with a smile and a can-do attitude.

Loren Stoker

Lightning Ridge
Loren is eager to learn and grow within her role.

Loren is always positive and caring towards staff, patients and residents.

Loren dedicates her time through also supporting and mentoring new graduates.

Lucia Pennisi

Turon House Mental Health Drug & Alcohol
Lucia has shown great professionalism and maturity.

The Turon Team are lucky to have Lucia a part of the team. She demonstrates an eagerness to learn more about Mental Health Drug and Alcohol.

Lucia also possesses excellent interpersonal skills as she is able to build a positive rapport with everyone she meets including clients, their families, and staff.

Millie Smith

Coronary Care Stroke Unity
Millie has been described by patients and colleagues as always having a positive attitude. She exceeds expectations and always puts 100% into all aspects of patient care.

Millie has a wonderful approach to caring for patients and their families. She takes the time to acknowledge, listen and support her patients. Millie is gentle with her words and empowers patients through her encouragement, when they need assistance.

Molly Ferguson

Coronary care stroke unit
Molly embraces all learning opportunities and demonstrates a keen interest in developing her knowledge base. She embraces new learnings by applying them in her daily practice. Molly provides a friendly nature and offers a gentle and nurturing bedside manner.


​Saira Simpson

Operating Theatres, Dubbo Hospital
Saira has always been an enthusiastic and eager learner from day one.  Saira’s curiosity inspires her to ask questions to fuel her knowledge and increase her understanding.

Saira has always maintained patient dignity while they are at their most vulnerable in the Operating Theatre. She also has an incredibly kind bedside manner.

Saira was successful in her application to participate in the ‘Transition to Perioperative Practice Program’. This demonstrates her ability to take the initiative to grow within her career.

​Stacey Denny

Gilgandra Multipurpose Service
WINNER​ – read more at WNSWLHD announces Graduate Nurse of the Year – WNSWLHD

Stacey is an outstanding registered nurse and excelled in her New Graduate program. She was even fast tracked into ACLS and Triage and Dialysis programs.

Stacey is an advocate for patients. She puts their care first and is incredibly empathetic and compassionate towards all patients.

Stacey is now a mentor for this year’s Nurse Graduates at Gilgandra.

Thank you to all our nurses, midwives and teams for everything that you do!