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Our Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team

Key functions of our Local Health District

Our Health District is divided into a number of Directorates which represent the key functions of our organisation.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Spittal is the Chief Executive of the Western NSW Local Health District. The Chief Executive is responsible for the overall leadership and functioning of the Local Health District.  The role reports to the Chairperson of the LHD’s Board and the Secretary of NSW Health.

Mark has held a range of senior executive roles within both the New Zealand and NSW health systems, with over three decades of leadership experience in the sector.  

Mark is passionate about ensuring that the people of Western NSW have access to exceptional healthcare.

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Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing

The Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Directorate is made up of two key teams, Aboriginal Health and Health Promotion. Their primary focus is to help transform our organisation’s services, creating a whole of system health promotion and prevention strategy that will make a difference in the lives of the 280,000 people across our communities, including making meaningful gains in the health of over 30,000 Aboriginal people in our region​.

The Executive Director of Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing is Brendon Cutmore.

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Allied Health & Innovation

The Allied Health Directorate is responsible for nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy and diversional therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, social work and client support services and speech pathology and audiology.

The Executive Director of Allied Health & Innovation is Richard Cheney.

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Communications and Engagement

The Communications and Engagement Directorate is responsible for the management of media, corporate communications, community engagement, ministerial liaison, social media, corporate branding, executive publications, internet and staff intranet development, volunteers and fundraising, communication strategies, parliamentary briefs, event management and marketing.

The Executive Director of Communications and Engagement is Kathy Connell​.

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Corporate Services & Clinical Support

The Corporate Services & Clinical Support Directorate is responsible for asset operations, biomedical services, capital works projects, contracts and property management, energy management, environmental services, food services, security, fire safety, fleet management, maintenance services, purchasing and supply and management of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Spotless.

The Executive Director of Corporate Services & Clinical Support is Jeff Morrissey.

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Integrated Primary Care and Partnerships

Integrated Primary Care and Partnerships facilitates the priorities and key directions for the Local Health District to ensure primary and community health is well positioned to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities into the future​ and includes working with external partners to ensure integrated service provision.

The Executive Director of Integrated Primary Care and Partnerships is Julie Cooper.

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The Operations Directorate is responsible for steering the day to day operations of our health facilities to ensure patients receive high quality care and that our Local Health District provides timely services as close to the patient’s home as possible.

The acting Executive Director of Operations is Sharon McKay.

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Planning, Performance & Funding

The Planning, Performance & Funding Directorate provides a range of services across Western NSW Local Health District, including financial and management services, health information, communication, techology and planning services. The Health Intelligence Unit is also a member of this Directorate.

The Directorate aims to provide timely and accurate performance and planning information to District staff to better enable best practice management decisions.​

The Executive Director of the Planning, Performance & Funding directorate is Josh Carey.

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Quality, Clinical Safety and Nursing

Photo; Adrian Fahy, Director of Nursing and MidwiferyThe Quality, Clinical Safety and Nursing Directorate has oversight of professional nursing and midwifery services and provides advice on the Local Health Districts approach to deliver quality and safe care. The team works to improve our professional approach to the delivery of care , ensures that we engage with patients, fosters clinical practice improvements that bring about changes to quality, works to ensure that our approach and systems deliver reliability and that our care is disciplined and consistent.

The Executive Director of Quality, Clinical Safet and Nursing is Adrian Fahy.

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People and Culture

The People and Culture Directorate is responsible for education, training and development, employee assistance, human resource management, staff orientation, recruitment and payroll, risk management, workplace culture and workforce strategy and planning.

The Executive Director of People and Culture is Sandra Duff.

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