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Our Structure and Staff

Our Structure and Staff

Our structure

You can learn about our structure on our Organisational Ch​​art.

A Service Agreeme​nt is in place between the Secretary, NSW Ministry of Health and Western NSW Local Health District to support the devolution of decision making, responsibility and accountability for the provision​​ of safe, high quality, patient centred care to the District.

Our Chief Executive works closely with the Board to achieve the goals outlined in our Strategic​ Plan and ensures our District delivers consistently high patient care, supported by enhanced local input from clinicians and the community.

The W​estern NSW Local Health District Boa​rd is chaired by Mr Scott Griffiths PSM and includes nine Board Members who bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the management of our District.

The Board and organisation are governed by the Health Services ACT By-L​aws.

Our staff

The Western NSW Local Health District is blessed with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, committed to improving the health of our communities. Our workforce is as diverse as the services we provide and made up of both clinical and non-clinical staff, all of whom are highly valued for their role in helping deliver a high standard of health care.

As employees of NSW Health, there is no higher responsibility than to provide a high quality and caring environment for our patients, clients and co-workers. When we choose to work in the Western NSW Local Health District, we are choosing to commit to and be accountable for demonstrating the CORE values and behaviours of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

Our employees are encouraged to actively participate in the improvement, growth and development of the Local Health District and its culture. One of the ways staff members can provide their feedback is through their participation in the People Matter Employee Survey, an initiative undertaken by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to capture employees’ perceptions of how well they thought the public sector values are applied across the sector as well as their views on, and experiences in, their workplaces.​