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Cancer Services

Cancer Services

Cancer services

We provide a variety of cancer services.

You can find out about these services by contacting your local health service. Alternatively, please contact the Director of Cancer Services and Innovation, or find details of our cancer services listed below.

For more information about cancer services, please visit CanRefer.​

Contact Details

Ruth Jones ​​​​​​​

Director of Cancer Services and Innovation


(02) 6369 8035 ​​​​​​​


Central West Cancer Centre (CWCC) in Orange offers a comprehensive range of locally based services including:

  • A radiotherapy treatment centre with two linear accelerators, and two Radiation Oncologists, and medical physicist and radiation therapist staffing;
  • Purpose built Oncology Unit with nine chemotherapy treatment chairs and one bed;
  • Two Medical Oncologists; and
  • A Haematologist and visiting Haematologist from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) in Sydney.


In Bathurst, cancer services are provided at Daffodil Cottage, a purpose-built facility with 10 chemotherapy treatment chairs. The service is coordinated by locally based Oncology Nurses, and supported by regular clinics by visiting Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, and a Haematologist from Orange.


Cancer services in Dubbo are provided at the Alan Coates Cancer Centre, a purpose-built facility within the grounds of Dubbo Hospital with eight treatment chairs. A locally based Medical Oncologist and Haematologist lead the service with Oncology Nurses coordinating care for people with cancer.

Additional visiting specialists provide outpatient clinics in Dubbo:

  • Medical Oncologists from the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Camperdown;
  • Radiation Oncologists from Orange;
  • Haematologists from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) in Sydney;
  • The Medical Oncologist at Dubbo also provides outpatient consultation clinics at Mudgee, Cobar and Walgett.

Nursing and allied health services

The Oncology services in Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo are coordinated by Oncology Nurses under the supervision of Nursing Unit Managers, and deliver chemotherapy and other supportive treatments.

Psycho-Oncology Counsellors are based in Orange and Dubbo, and provide support and counselling for people with cancer, their partners, carers and families.

Cancer Care Coordinators located in Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo, and McGrath Breast Care Nurses in Bathurst, Mudgee, Orange, Parkes and Dubbo assist patients and carers to navigate the often complex pathway from the diagnosis of cancer to specialist appointments and ultimately treatment, and offer emotional support as part of their role.

Outreach chemotherapy treatment clinics are held in Mudgee, Parkes and Cowra, where Oncology Nurses administer chemotherapy and supportive treatments weekly. Current services include:

  • The Mudgee Outreach Chemotherapy Treatment Clinic has four chairs and provides a weekly clinic coordinated and clinically supported by the oncology nurses based in Dubbo, together with a Mudgee-based oncology nurse.
  • The Parkes Outreach Chemotherapy Treatment Clinic has four chairs and offers a twice weekly clinic which is clinically supported by Oncology Nurses based in Orange, together with Parkes-based Oncology Nurses.
  • Within the Cowra service, chemotherapy is provided in a ward area with three chairs, refurbished in 2014. The service is coordinated by Oncology Nurses and offered four days per week.

An Oncology Clinical Nurse Consultant provides clinical support and leadership across the Local Health District, and services are also supported by Oncology Clinical Nurse Educators in Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo. Community nursing and allied health staff support patients through the treatment phase and provide support for enhancing health literacy in their communities.

Haematology Services

Haematology encompasses a wide field of practice, from the most aggressive forms of malignancy, such as acute leukaemia, to the supportive care of all patients with transfusion and coagulation management.

It is vital for the provision of cancer treatments, as well as many other important medical services such as pathology and clinic​al tr​ials . The last few years has seen a growth in the local availability of this specialist service with the appointment of haematologists at both Orange and Dubbo.

Visiting haematologists from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital also provide support for the more complex services within the Local Health District. Services are provided at Dubbo, Orange and Bathurst Health Services, as well as outreach services in Mudgee and Cowra.

​​Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy services are available At CWCCC in Orange and are anticipated to commence in Dubbo in 2021.

CWCCC has modern equipment and techniques allowing world-class radiation therapy to be delivered closer to home for our rural patients. Our highly skilled and experienced team customise every treatment course to maximise the benefits of the radiation treatment while maintaining a strong focus on each individual patient. Facilities include:

  • Image guided External Beam Radiation Therapy for all body areas such as Brain, Head and Neck, Breast, Lung, Prostate and other Pelvis.
  • A dedicated Radiation Therapy CT planning scanner with 3- and 4DCT planning;
  • Two linear accelerators equipped with Image guidance (MV, kV and cone beam CT) and motion tracking to verify treatment position;
  • The majority of our treatments utilise Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) or Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT). Both of these techniques involve highly complex planning to deliver conformal, custom-shaped radiation doses, maximising target coverage while minimising dose to the normal tissues;
  • Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR, also known as SBRT) for certain lung and bone treatments. This is a highly specialised technique that delivers highly conformal and high doses in less treatments;
  • Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) for left breast treatment to minimise dose to the heart and lungs;
  • Superficial radiation for small localised skin treatment;
  • 3D printing for customised bolus and other device manufacture;
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) on all treatment plans.