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Carer Support

Carer Support Program

Our Carer Support Program is committed to promoting carers as valued and respected partners in health care. We achieve this by educating and supporting health staff to identify and consult with carers, and to recognise carer expertise.


Who is a Carer?

A carer is someone - a family member, friend or neighbour - who regularly provides support to someone with a disability, chronic health condition, terminal illness, mental illness, or someone who is experiencing age related frailty.

Carers are not paid for their role, though they may receive a Centrelink allowance or payment.

Anyone, at any time throughout life can become a carer. Carers are a very diverse group of people, of differing ages and backgrounds with each caring situation being unique. Caring may involve a few hours assistance per week through to sustained 24 hour care. It may also involve balancing full or part time work with caring responsibilities.

A carer may provide assistance with a range of activities including personal care such as showering or dressing, mobility, transport, social and emotional support, communication, meal preparation, house work, medication management, financial management, and other aspects of the person’s daily life.


Information and support for carers

Carer Information Booklet

Further information for carers is available by downloading our Information For Carers boo​​klet​ or brochure.

Carers NSW

Further information and a range of fact sheets about caring are available from Carers NSW. Carers NSW can provide information and advice about services that are available to carers, including emotional support and counselling.

Carer Program Coordinators

Lyndall Jones
Carer Program Coordinator
(02) 6841 2407

Antonia Hynes
Carer Program Coordinator
(02) 6378 6280