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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Keeping our communities safe

Our Environmental Health Services monitor and investigate environmental health issues in our local communities, including:

  • Water quality: safe drinking water, the recreational use of water and public swimming pools
  • Tobacco regulation: smoke-free areas, tobacco advertising and point of sale regulation and the sale of tobacco products to minors
  • Industries: skin penetration industries, funeral industry and sex industry
  • Arbovirus control
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Microbial control, for example Legionella testing
  • Aboriginal environmental health: Housing for Health and Water and Sewerage Programs

To help keep our communities safe, we work in partnership with NSW Health, NSW Office of Water, NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), the District Emergency Management Committee, Health Intelligence Unit, local government agencies and a variety of Non-Government Organisations such as Red Cross and Local Aboriginal Land Councils.

You can contact Environmental Health Services on 1300 066 055, or visit NSW Health, for more information.