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Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Bringing world class radiology to our local communities

Did you know you are able to have a range of imaging procedures, including x-rays, at some of our local  hospitals? We also bulk bill so there is no cost to you or your family for any Medicare-funded service.

Western NSW Imaging is part of the Western NSW Local Health District, providing services to both patients  in hospital and services to our communities. We have x-ray departments in 28 facilities across the district,  providing health care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to people in hospital, and to the general public during  business hours.

What imaging procedures (including x-rays) can I have at my local hospital?

There are a variety of different services available which varies from hospital to hospital. Some hospitals  offer x-rays only, while other facilities may also offer ultrasounds, MRIs or a range of other medical imaging procedures.

Please refer to the list below to find your local health facility and find out what medical imaging services are available near you.

Can my doctor provide me with a referral to have my procedure (including x-rays) at my local hospital?

Yes! Your doctor can provide you with a referral to have your x-ray or medical imaging procedure at your local hospital. Simply ask your doctor to fill out the Western NSW Imaging Form.

My doctor has given me a referral form to another service provider – can I still go to my local hospital to have my x-ray or procedure?

Yes, you may choose to go to any service provider you wish to have your x-ray or procedure. Your doctor will provide you with a referral form to a service provider of their choice, however it is up to you where you go to have your x-ray.

Do I need to be a patient in hospital to access x-ray and other medical imaging procedures at my local hospital?

No. You do not need to be a patient in hospital to access any of our medical imaging services at our 28 health facilities. Both patients in and out of hospital can access our services, with access to these services available to patients in hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and services available to people who are not patients during business hours.

Will my local hospital be able to link in with other specialist services in our area and in Sydney?

Our imaging services are state-of-the-art and fully digital and networked, so your reports are sent to your referring doctor in a speedy manner. Your doctor also has access to support from specialist doctors who can view your x-rays across Western NSW hospitals or in Sydney. Our doctors are highly specialised radiologists, some who live locally and others who also work in larger Sydney hospitals.

Every time you chose to have your examination at a local hospital, you are contributing to improving the services in your local area. Help us build a better health care service in your community by choosing to have your x-ray at a local hospital.

How can I find out more information about my examination?

For further information about the examination your doctor has requested you to have, contact your local medical imaging department or visit Inside Radiology.

How can I organise to have my x-ray or procedure at my local hospital?

Please see your GP to arrange a referral to have your x-ray or procedure at your local hospital. Please ring the below phone number to contact your local medical imaging department for bookings and enquiries.

Okee Medical Imaging App

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Hospital Imaging Services Available Phone Fax
Baradine Digital X-Ray (02) 5849 9025 (02) 5849 9080
Bathurst Digital X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, OPG, Fluoroscopy, Interventional (02) 6330 5224 (02) 6330 5762
Blayney Digital X-Ray (02) 6368 9033 (02) 6368 9090
Bourke Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound (02) 6870 2606 (02) 6870 2680
Brewarrina Digital X-Ray (02) 6830 5027 (02) 6830 5080
Canowindra Digital X-Ray (02) 6364 4320 (02) 6364 4380
Cobar Digital X-Ray (02) 6879 9506​ (02) 6879 9580
Collarenebri Digital X-Ray (02) 6756 4823 (02) 6756 4880
Condobolin Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound (02) 6890 1519 (02) 6890 1580
Coolah Digital X-Ray (02) 6377 9114 (02) 6377 9180​
Coonabarabran Digital X-Ray (02) 6849 1611 (02) 6849 1638
Coonamble Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, OPG (02) 6827 1115 (02) 6822 1942
Cowra Digital X-Ray, OPG (02) 5338 5500 (02) 6342 1502
Dubbo Digital X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, OPG, MRI, Fluoroscopy, Interventional (02) 6809 8100 (02) 6809 7269
Forbes Digital X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, OPG (02) 6850 7280 (02) 6850 7166
Gilgandra Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, OPG (02) 6880 5928 (02) 6880 5979
Grenfell Digital X-Ray (02) 6364 1736 (02) 6364 1780
Lightning Ridge Digital X-Ray (02) 6820 5708 (02) 6820 5780
Molong Digital X-Ray (02) 6369 4125 (02) 6369 4180
Mudgee Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, OPG, CT (02) 6371 9940 (02) 6371 9986
Nyngan Digital X-Ray (02) 6835 1710 (02) 6835 1780
Oberon Digital X-Ray (02) 6336 6745 (02) 6336 6780
Orange Digital X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, OPG, MRI, Fluoroscopy, Angiography, Interventional (02) 6369 3565 (02) 6369 2327
Parkes Digital X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, OPG (02) 6861 2480 (02) 6861 2668
Rylstone Digital X-Ray (02) 6357 6135 (02) 6357 6180
Walgett Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound (02) 6817 9425 (02) 6817 9482
Warren Digital X-Ray (02) 6847 5434 (02) 6847 5480
Wellington Digital X-Ray (02) 6845 5530 (02) 6845 5580​