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Consumer and Carer Feedback Opportunities

Consumer and Carer Feedback Opportunities

C​onsumer and Carer Feedback Opportunities​

We welcome feedback from consumers and carers to help shape our services to meet the needs of the community.

People who use or have used Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services and their families and carers have a lot of valuable information that can be shared to inform our service planning.

One way you can be involved in the development of Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services is to complete a survey at yourexperience.health.nsw.gov.au​. We will use your feedback to help us with planning and delivering mental health services. You will need a code from the team you have the most contact, download the YES and CES Service codes document  to find the correct codes for your experience.

National Mental Health Commission launching the Making Connections for Your Mental Health and Wellbeing (Connections2022) program

Many Australians have an experience of the mental health and suicide prevention system, whether they have reached out to a service, provided care and support to a family member or friend who has a lived or living experience of mental ill-health, or they are involved in delivering mental health or suicide prevention services.
The National Mental Health Commission will launch the Making Connections for Your Mental Health and Wellbeing (Connections2022) program. During this program, we invite you to share your experience of the mental health and suicide prevention system.
Connections2022 is an opportunity to share how the mental health system is working for you and your community, any challenges you have experienced that impact your mental health and wellbeing and thoughts about what a functioning mental health system would look like for you.

o What has been the biggest challenge for your community in the past 2 years?
o What has supported your mental health during those times?
o How will you know when things are getting better for your mental health?
o What improvements would you like to see happen in your community?

Your voice is vital to understanding what is and isn’t working and if real and impactful change is being made in communities across Australia. By sharing your experience, you can help the Commission to build evidence that shapes outcomes for future national mental health and suicide prevention reform.
Share your voice and experiences with our mental health systems by attending a community event of sharing your experience through the National Connections2022 Survey at: here
For more information you can also call toll free 1800 220 246 or email community@making-connections.com.au

Consumer and Carer Partnerships

Sharing information and suggestions for improvement is called partnership. Some common things you may like to do if you a consumer or carer partner:

  • participate in a meeting with other consumers and carers
  • review documents or information sheets
  • help to provide education to clinicians or other consumers
  • participate in projects including quality improvement or research
  • hear more about what is happening in our services.

A good way to do this is to join the consumer and carer partnership mailing list. Download an expression of interest here or email wnswlhd-mhda-engagement@health.nsw.gov.au​ for more information.

For more information, download the Guide to being a consumer or carer representative.

Peer Workers

Peer Workers are employees of our Local Health District who have a lived experience of a mental illness or drug or alcohol dependency and are employed in various roles throughout our service. Peer Workers work alongside the clinical team to share information, skills and strategies to support your recovery and promote hope. Find out more about peer work​.

To get support from a Peer Worker, please contact your local mental health or drug or alcohol service or if you are interested in being a Peer Worker contact wnswlhd-mhda-engagement@health.nsw.gov.au.

Visit our Community Engagement web page for information about other engagement opportunities, including how to join a health council.