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Drug and Alcohol Services

Our drug and alcohol services

We provide, and partner with, a number of services for individuals with drug and/or alcohol problems, and their families or carers.

On this page, you can find information on:

Involuntary drug and alcohol treatment

We have an 8 bed state-wide service located on Bloomfield campus in Orange. The unit provides involuntary treatment for patients with a severe substance dependency with the aim of protecting their health and safety. The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Act 2007 is the legislative basis for this treatment.

Contact Details

Lachlan Building
   Bloomfield Hospital
   Orange NSW 2800 

 (02) 6369 8000

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Drug and Alcohol Consultation Liaison Services

The Drug and Alcohol Consultation Liaison Service aims to improve the quality of care for patients with drug and alcohol issues by providing support and expert advice to the general and mental health inpatient facilities.

The consultation liaison service is based at Orange (Bloomfield), Bathurst and Dubbo during business hours, with after-hours support provided by the NSW Health Drug & Alcohol Specialist Advisory Service (DASAS).

The service provides consultation services to wards and emergency departments to assess people who present with a substance or alcohol use issue. Consultation liaison nurses support and educate staff in identifying and managing drug and alcohol presentations. They also aim to engage the patient and support their transition to community or dedicated inpatient drug and alcohol services if required.

The consultation liaison service can provide case management of small numbers of patients that present frequently to hospital.

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Drug and alcohol counselling

Drug and alcohol counselling is provided by specialist drug and alcohol staff across a variety of locations and is informed by national and state guidelines. The main teams are based in Orange, Bathurst and Dubbo, with sole practitioner positions in Mudgee, Bourke, Lightning Ridge, Parkes, Forbes, Condobolin, and Cowra. Other locations are serviced through outreach programs.

Services are provided to clients who use drugs and alcohol and their families within a Harm Minimisation Framework. A variety of psychosocial interventions are used, primarily the evidence-based approach of Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Referrals are received via the centralised intake service (Drug & Alcohol Helpline) and dealt with on a priority basis. Waiting lists may exist.

Drug and Alcohol Services actively collaborate with Mental Health Services in treatment planning and provision with shared care clients. Supporting health promotion, education and training activities in conjunction with the Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Health Promotion and Prevention Unit is also core work for these clinicians.

Other specialist drug and alcohol clinicians such as Clinical Leaders, Consultation Liaison Nurses and Clinical Nurse Consultants directly or indirectly support complex case management and improve clinical practice.

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The Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) Program

The MERIT Program has services based in Orange and Dubbo, with outreach services to Wellington, Bathurst, Blayney, Oberon, Forbes and Parkes courts.

Individuals with an identified drug and more recently alcohol issue may be referred for assessment pending sentence. For those assessed as suitable, sentencing is deferred until the MERIT Program has been provided which is up to 12 weeks in duration. Reports are then provided back to the magistrate about compliance and progress which informs the sentencing decision with the aim being to avoid a custodial sentence.

Withdrawal services, including rehabilitation, can be recommended as an alternative to 12 weeks of community intervention, and the MERIT team liaises with these services to monitor a client’s progress.

Contact Details

121 Byng Street
   Orange NSW 2800 

(02) 6392 6800
(02) 6392 6805

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Opioid Treatment Program

The Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) provides maintenance pharmacotherapy to those people who have an opioid dependence. The program can also provide reduction programs and ambulatory withdrawal service for those people who are suitable to be managed in the community.

A range of pharmacotherapies are provided which include Methadone (Biodone), Buprenorphine or Buprenorphine/Naloxone combination. Clients are assessed for dependence and signs of withdrawal to ensure an opioid dependency exist, prior to commencing on the program. Smaller towns do not have access to Public Prescribers and so rely heavily on local GPs to prescribe, though a lack of GP prescribers is an ongoing issue for the service.

Dosing is provided either through a public clinic or through community pharmacies. In some more rural and remote communities, options for dosing are limited as community pharmacies either do not exist or are unwilling to dose, and often the local emergency department provides the dosing service.

All services are at capacity and are operating waiting lists for non-priority clients.

NSW Health is currently reviewing the OTP service to identify areas were efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.

Orange and Region

Opioid Treatment Services for Orange and regional towns includes comprehensive assessment, case management, shared coordination of different services in the community and development of treatment plans. This service outreaches to Forbes, Parkes, Condobolin and other nearby towns as required.

Contact Details

Kite Street Community Health Centre
   96 Kite Street 
  Orange NSW 2800 

(02) 6392 8600
(02) 6392 8630

Dubbo and Region

Opioid Treatment Services for Dubbo and regional towns includes comprehensive assessment, case management, shared coordination of different services in the community and development of treatment plans.

Contact Details

Acacia Cottage 
   Dubbo Hospital 
   Cr Myall Street & McGuinn Drive
   Dubbo NSW 2830

(02) 6809 8250

Bathurst and Region

Opioid Treatment Services for Bathurst and regional towns includes comprehensive assessment, case management, shared coordination of different services in the community and development of treatment plans. This service outreaches to Cowra, Canowindra and Grenfell.

Contact Details

Chifley Clinic 
   Bathurst Hospital 
   Howick Street
   Bathurst NSW 2795 

(02) 6330 5258
(02) 6332 4286

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Our Drug and Alcohol Helpline

The Drug and Alcohol Helpline for Western NSW Local Health District is based in Orange and provides a centralised intake service for referral to drug and alcohol and other services during business hours. It is staffed by experienced drug and alcohol clinicians and it receives referrals from across the Western NSW Local Health District. Many referrals are also made directly to the local teams.

If a referral to a service is not necessary or desired, the Helpline clinician will provide advice and information over the telephone. If a referral is required, a triage is completed and sent to the respective service to allocate for further assessment. During out of hours, a phone message refers individuals to the state-wide drug and alcohol telephone support services (DASAS or ADIS).

The referral for this service can be made by self, family, doctors, health services, other government and non-government organisations.

The Drug & Alcohol Service can also be accessed by presenting to your local health service.

Contact Details

8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
1300 887 000 ​​​​​​​

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