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Hospital Based Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services

​​Hospital Based Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services

Hospital-based Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services 
provide 24 hour healthcare in a recovery oriented and culturally safe environment. 

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Contacting Patients
If you have a friend or relative admitted to a Western NSW LHD mental health or drug or alcohol inpatient unit, you can talk to them on the phone.

They may not have their mobile phone with them but you can call the unit or the general phone number of the hospital and ask to be put through to the unit.

Speak to our staff about the treatment and care your relative or friend is receiving and how you can be a part of their care. 


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Mental Health Sub Acute Units
Mental Health Sub Acute Units provide a short stay residential care structured recovery program. 

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​​Mental Health Acute Units
Mental Health Acute Units provide short to medium term treatment options to people experiencing mental distress. The units have a range of health staff providing care to people during their stay.

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​​Medium-Long Term Stays
Some of our facilities provide medium to long term residential treatment and rehabilitation for people who have long lasting symptoms of mental illness. The treating team works with people and their families/carers to improve their quality of life and support community living.   

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​​Involuntary Drug and Alcohol (IDAT) 
Involuntary Drug and Alcohol (IDAT) provides involuntary treatment for people with a severe substance dependency. A person must meet mandated criteria to be suitable for involuntary admission to this state-wide unit. Contact your local Drug & Alcohol​ team for further information.​

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