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Palliative Care

Promoting quality of life, comfort and dignity

We work to provide our communities with appropriate and respectful palliative and end of life services.

Our Health District has a variety of these services. You can find these services through our facility listing map.

Expressions of interest invited

In line with Ministry of Health procurement guidelines, we are seeking expressions of interest for the delivery of a new model of care for palliative end-of-life patients in Bathurst. This is an open process and submissions for consideration are invited from all interested parties.  

Learn more here.

Palliative Care After Hours Helpline

The NSW Government is committed to improving access to palliative care and support. As part of this commitment, the Palliative Care After Hours Helpline became operational on 1 March 2016.

The new helpline, managed and operated by Healthdirect Australia, will provide professional assistance during the after-hours period for palliative care patients, their carers, families and health professionals.

The Palliative Care After Hours Helpline can be contacted on 1800 548 225 and is available weekdays from 5pm to 9am (EST), weekends from 5pm Friday to 9 am Monday and public holidays.

Contact Details

Palliative Care After Hours Helpline
1800 548 225