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Physical Activity Programs

Physical Activity Programs

Our exercise programs

Our Physical Activity Programs are prevention programs aimed to:

  • Increase access to regular, safe low cost community groups for adults across Western NSW;
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing, increase social interaction and assist participants in maintaining a healthy weight, healthy bones, muscles and joints;
  • Promote mobility, strength and balance while contributing to the reduction and management of many chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, falls in older people, colon cancer, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure;
  • Support 3 modes of exercise – Tai Chi for Arthritis, Community Exercise and Aqua Fitness;
  • Provide high quality leader training for staff and volunteers.

Photo; Tai Chi for arthritis program

Tai Chi for arthritis

Regular Tai Chi has been shown to prevent falls and also helps in:

  • Improving flexibility, increasing muscle strength and enhancing balance
  • Aligning posture and increasing heart and lung activity
  • Preventing chronic disease

Aqua fitness

Regular aqua fitness can assist participants build general strength, fitness and flexibility.

Community exercise

Regular gentle exercise and strength training can assist participants to strengthen muscles, improve balance and increase energy levels and improve flexibility.

Should you have a query about any of our Physical Activity Programs listed above, or would like to know more about programs in your local area, please contact us via email.


We recognise and value the important role our volunteers play in supporting us to provide quality healthcare and to improve the health outcomes for our communities. As a volunteer you can be involved in many ways, with activities that may include being a community exercise leader.

Learn more about v​olunteering with us.