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Waiting For Speech Pathology

Waiting For Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists work with people of all ages who have communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

For information about speech pathology services in the Western NSW Local Health District or to find a speech pathology service near you, please contact your local community health centre or visit the Speech Pathology Austra​lia website.

Speech pathologists can help children with many areas of their communication. These webpages contain information about some of these areas, including:​

​About these webpages

These web pages have been developed for families as part of a NSW Health Translational Research Grant titled “Waiting for speech pathology: Device versus advice?”.

Children sometimes have to wait to see a speech pathologist due to the high demand for services. These web pages provide information and resources for families and others to support children’s communication development in everyday situations, while they wait to see a speech pathologist. ​

These web pages are not intended to replace seeing a speech pathologist, but contain helpful information about what to do while you are waiting. You will also find information about what to expect from speech pathology services.

The team of speech pathologists who have developed this website in consultation with families and the public are: Emily Davis (NSW Health), Prof. Sharynne McLeod (Charles Sturt University), Katrina Rohr (NSW Health), Angela Roberts (NSW Health), Nicole McGill (Charles Sturt University), Katherine Miller (NSW Health), and Sally Thornton (NSW Health).

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