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Telehealth For Patients

Telehealth For Patients

​Telehealth for patients

On this page you can find;

How does it work?

Telehealth appointments can be held;

At your local hospital
At your local hospital

At your GP or Health Clinic
At your GP or Health Clinic

At home
At home

Consultations are bulk-billed to Medicare.

Telehealth does not replace face-to-face appointments, but supports them, so it is most suited for follow-up or review appointments.

How do I book an appointment?​​

If you are interested in a Telehealth appointment speak to your local service provider to see if telehealth is right for your situation. If it is, your provider will be able to make the booking for you.

Preparing for your appointment

You will receive a letter and/or an email confirming the appointment time. If your consultation is at your local GP Doctors Clinic, Health Clinic or Aboriginal Medical Centre, they should also be contacted.

If you will be connecting from home or your own device, always do a test call as soon as you receive your appointment letter to make sure your equipment is working. You can use the test call button from the menu buttons at the top left of this page. If your test does not work, get back in contact with the person who organised your appointment.

On the appointment day, start your consultation 5 -10 minutes before the appointment time via the Join Call button from the menu buttons at the top left of this page.

Click at the image to download a helpful brochure about preparing for your appointment. If you still have questions make sure you contact your telehealth provider before your appointment.

​Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

  • There is no cost from Western NSW Local Health District, however you may be asked to give your permission to bulk bill medicare.

  • If dialing in from home Telehealth will use some of your download internet capacity.

  • If your Doctor take part, you will need to ask them if there is any cost to you.

What if I prefer face-to-face consultation?

Telehealth can be part of your care plan, but only if you want it to be. You can always choose to see a clinician in person.

What equipment do I require?

  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • An email address
  • A suitable device with camera, microphone and speakers
  • A private comfortable area
  • If you do not have access to this equipment, you may also attend the consultation at paticipating service provider (eg. GP, Community Health, etc)

How secure and private is telehealth?​

The service is completly secure and confidential and your information is kept private.

What if I am not familiar with technology?

No problem! When you visit your local Doctor’s Clinic or Health Clinic for a Telehealth appointment the equipment will be setup, tested and help will be available to start your Telehealth consultation.

Want to know more?

See your GP/health worker or email WNSWLHD-Telehealth@health.nsw.gov.au​