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Troubleshooting For Telehealth

Troubleshooting For Telehealth

Troubleshooting at home

Test your connection

Please check and test your equipment as soon as possible before your appointment to make sure everything will work on the day. Click on the URL link provided in your appointment letter OR click the Telehealth Test Call button to the left of this page.

You will be taken through a series of steps to check if your equipment is ready for a Telehealth appointment. This will include:

  • Test Call
  • Connection Speed Test
  • Speaker Test
  • Microphone Test
  • Video Test

You will be told if your check has been successful or unsuccessful. If it is not successful contact the person who made the booking for you (telehealth administration contact) who will arrange for technical advice or organise an appointment at alternative location.

Still need help?

Dont worry, contact the person who made the booking for you​