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Living well together with Telehealth

We know that when you live outside of the big cities and towns, looking after your health can be a challenge. Long distances to travel to get care, longer waiting times to see health specialists plus leaving your family and friends – sometimes overnight – all add to the pressure when you’re not well.

Telehealth helps to remove the stress of living well. It uses technology we use in our everyday lives to help us look after our health more easily.

Telehealth doesn’t replace face-to-face consultations – it works to support them and at the same time means less travel, shorter waiting times and less stress on your family and carers. It’s a real breakthrough for rural and remote healthcare.

Image; Using Telehealth is easy  

Ways you can have a Telehealth appointment

At your local hospital
At your GP or health clinic
At home

How does it work?


Telehealth appointments can be held at home, at a GP Doctor's Clinic, Health Clinic or Aboriginal Medical Service. Consultations are bulk-billed to Medicare.

Telehealth does not replace face-to-face appointments, but supports them, so it is most suited for follow-up or review appointments.

You will receive a letter and/or an email confirming the appointment time. If your consultation is at your local GP Doctors Clinic, Health Clinic or Aboriginal Medical Centre, they should also be contacted.

Always do a test call as soon as you receive your appointment letter to make sure your equipment is working. You can use the test call button below.

On the appointment day, start your consultation 5 -10 minutes before the appointment time via the Join Call button to the left.

Learn more about Telehealth




Find out more about how our Telehealth service works in this quick 90 second video.


Telehealth brochure front cover ​​​

Telehealth 'How-To'

For clients of our service



How to have a Telehealth appointment at a clinic


How to have a Telehealth appointment at home


Image; preparing for your Telehealth appointment

How to have a Telehealth appointment at home or a clinic.

For Western NSW Local Health District staff and partners



Western NSW Local Health District partners - preparing for a Telehealth appointment at your clinic


Western NSW Local Health District staff - Telehealth Troubleshooting


Photo; Setting up a telehealth appointment download

Telehealth for Western NSW Local Health District ​partners

Not familiar with technology?

Photo; Don't worry if you're not familiar with technology  

No problem! When you visit your local Doctor’s Clinic or Health Clinic for a Telehealth appointment the equipment will be setup, tested and help will be available to start your Telehealth consultation.

Want to know more?

See your GP/health worker or call

(02) 6809 6829

Hear their stories


Julie saves over six hours travel time (and cost!)

To see Julie’s specialist means 6 hours travel for a 30 minute appointment. By using Telehealth at her local hospital together with her nurse, Julie saves not only her time but her nurse is clear on Julie’s care and Julie’s brother saves time off work to drive her too.

George - the specialist can see you next week!

The earliest George can see a specialist in Dubbo (the closest clinic and an 8 hour return trip) is in five months. George’s Doctor suggests Telehealth – and an appointment is available next week.

Kelly can receive specialist pregnancy care - locally

Kelly trusted her Aboriginal Health Worker June, and a strange place and a new person to help have a healthy pregnancy was not what Kelly wanted. Together with June, Kelly’s ante-natal appointments are via Telehealth and June supports her locally.

David sees his Doctor in his pyjamas!

Instead of travelling a four hour return journey for ongoing treatment, David uses Telehealth to see his care team – the Specialist Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist and Psychologist, all in a one hour session from the comfort of his lounge room.

You don’t need to know computers to use Telehealth

Merl was not familiar or comfortable with computers. She needn’t worry, as a Telehealth appointment is as simple as turning up at her local clinic – the computer is ready to go and her regular Health Worker is there to help and answer questions.

What did the Surgeon say I was supposed to do?

Steve found it difficult to remember all his Surgeon’s instructions for care after surgery. Using Telehealth from his Doctor’s surgery for follow-up with the Surgeon, Steve’s local Doctor participates in the discussion, helping Steve.

Interested in trying out Telehealth?

Speak to your local GP or Health Worker and find out how it can save you time, money, stress and most importantly, get access to all levels of care where you live! ​